Friday, 6 February 2015

Animals Of Jamaa: Owls

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 Owls are the second flying animal to be added in Jamaa - after eagles, which where the first. 
Like the eagles, they are member and in the diamond shop. Owls are also one of the smallest animals in Jamaa, since they're about the same size as bunnies. The default colors are red with a white underbelly, despite the main color being crimson red in the artwork. They are the first animal to be released in 2015, and where hinted to come on January 8th. The species of owls on AJ is the Great Horned Owl.
Owls do not currently have an Alpha.
Fun Facts!
1. Owls have unique feathers for flying that make almost no noise.
2. It's a myth that they can turn their heads all the way around, however they can move their head 270 degrees.
3. Owls can catch prey using only their sense of hearing, despite heaving great eyesight.
4. Great Horned owls can live up to 13 years in the wild and 38 years in captivity.
5. Although great horned owls are large, they are not the largest. Great grey owls are.

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