Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Final Jamaaliday Gift

Happy New Year! 
I managed to post today, but i have like 15 mins i think. o.o
And as the title suggests, today is the final jamaaliday gift.
*slow drumroll*
*drumroll speeds up*
Here it goes . . 
*clicks gift*
It's so perfect. :D
Icicles 'cause it's winter and the light part because it's new year. :3
But you can't really notice the lights though. I thought that it lighted up more when you clicked on it but it sadly remains as a faint glow. :c
I suddenly feel weird because it's the last day of 2014.
Anyways, the new item is sold in Epic Wonders which is the Snowman throne. :3
Don't you think this is sort of um weird . . Their faces are cute but the way they're sitting is just awkward. o.o
Also, why is it holding that fire torch thingy if fire makes snowmen melt? Okay, so it's fake but . . 
okok nevermind let's just get on with the next new item sold in Jam-Mart furniture. :P
And finally some more behind scenes on the comics. :3
I wish the comics where longer although i can understand making comics is hard.
And to finish it off, here's the QOTP! ^.^
What are you planning to do this new year?

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New year party ^.^

Hello. :D
Tomorrows new year! c:
There's a very slight chance i won't be able to post since im going to watch the fireworks and stuff, so i guess i'll do the New Year party tour now in case i don't post. :P
But first,
*clicks gift* Dis better be gud . . 
oo yay
Even though i already have it this is such an awesome item mainly because it's awesome and represents friendship. :3
and yeah
So now time for the new year party! :D
Where should i start? :P
The slides? o.o
These look more slippery and smoother than the one at Mt Shiveer.  Extra speed and fun :D
And as chu go down . . you will see a MYSTERIOUS LOLLYPOP CARVING :O
Well not really. :P
But it gives you a free lollypop though! :3
Down below, there's the magical place where you can watch an aurora, fireworks and get all frosty. ^.^
Upstairs is da best part :3
Den item shop is here. :D
Lets have a look at the items. (they're pretty much the same from last year. xD)
Credit for the pics of the items going to the Animal Jam Spirit.
Um, well they're slightly different? o.o
I dunno though.
They're still nice. :3
And let's have a look at the clothing items!
Basically, they're just a mix of random clothing. :T
Music! :3
Also a random collection. :P
That's all for now! Bye :D

Monday, 29 December 2014

Hello. ^.^
2 days till New Year. :3
What if 2015 is a bad year? ohnowhy
now why am i thinking this anyway
i have to think that 2015 will be awesome :D
Mkay, time for  the gift. :3
(mkay means ok right?)

2 lazy for gif

it's another snowman
And it cannot to melted.
I dunno what to type about this item, so

 Time for the new item! :3
*checks in many shops*
Nope, not there. But wait . . 
And in the clothing section of the party, we have the New Year Celebration hat. c:
Um, well this is slightly awkward and wonky. o.O
But still, i like it. :3
And the best part is that it's nonmember. :D
Unlike the New Year party hat. Or was that nonmember too? I forgot. :P
But if that WAS member, this is basically like a nonmember version, correct? :3
I also noticed that nonmember things tend to be slightly wonky and awkward.
But srsly why do i keep saying nonmember. xD
And i'll post 'bout the party on New Year. ^.^
Wait. I cannot BELIEVE i forgot it was RIM today! So im like: is there another new item?" the whole time. :I
And time for the RIM! :3

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Invisible gift >:3

Hello. :D
Weeell the new item is . . 
*really slow drumroll*
Aaand . . 
Well i better put it in my den i guess to show y'all and stuff.
Wait, who's brother?
o right
I should seriously come out with a shorter name for that snowman. :I
What about creepy giant snowman?
Or Bob?
Well um i think im gonna recycle this. o.o
new item time yaay

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Weird yeti rug thingy

Normal gifts are back!
But the previous one is gray. o.O
But the gift iss . . 


And - 
Uhm well im not sure if i should call this creepy or cute . . 
I accepted anyway. I hope it's a small item and not HUGE.
^ (I think i over exaggerated the font size . . )
^ ( And i don't know if that sentence makes any sense) 
Well i guess i should put dis in my den to see how it looks like and stuff. :T

Friday, 26 December 2014

Ice cave

Sorry i haven't been replying to your comments these days. 
I hope you all had a great Christmas. :D
I guess new year is next.

Anyway, no gift today? :c
Well i better go to my den to look for a new item and stuff. :T
Wait . . 
When did i buy this? Did i even buy it? Is it the gift? I think it is. Was this a glitch then?
So many questions . . 
And as you can see here, a very creepy yeti thingy pops out of it once in a while.
But i doubt that's possible . . 
*randomly checks Jam-Mart Furniture*

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Gingerbread wings

Today is the day.
So i guess i should say Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate it, then i hope you have a happy new year which is coming up very soon! :D
Gift time. :3
*really slow drumroll*
and it is the  . . 
I can't even EXPLAIN how epic this item is.
Extra speshul gift for Christmas i guess :3
But how are you meant to fly with gingerbread? It's a bread. Bread wasn't made for flying, it was made for eating.
I was also expecting a surprise extra speshul update too. Oh well :c
Even though it's brown, it looks sort of pinkish. I guess it blends in well though. :P
Gingerbread is yum. c:
Well, most people know that anyway durrrh
Now let's get started on the new items, and first up we have the sleigh runway in Jam-Mart furniture! 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Gingerbread Top hat

Happy it's-nearly-Christmas day peoplez. :D
Anywayzzz, gift time! :3
and and and and and
I love this item + it's my favorite color! But wait, wouldn't blue gingerbread look weird IRL? I want brown now ew ew ew ew
Who cares? This isn't IRL this is Animal Jam. *heroic music plays in background*
Now prepare for the huge FLOOD of new items.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Jamaaliday Jam

Hey! :D
Time for . . DA GIFT!
*drumroll + the bunny gif cuz i'll be doing that for every gift now*
okok who cares i wanna see . . DA GIFT!
*clicks accept*
And now for . . THAT SPESHUL MOMENT! :O
(i should get on with it now.)
Well i was expecting a SUPER SPESHUL NEW GIFT!
But it's just from last year. :c
 I guess it's cool though.
puuu- Oh wait, that doesn't match cuz it's made of candy.
*starts eating marshmallows*
Now let's check stores for new items :3

Monday, 22 December 2014

North pole POLE

Hey guys! :D
Since December 25th is coming up, i decided to change the design a little which includes Christmas colors! ^-^
Or Jamaalidays if you prefer. :P
The colors aren't fully done yet though.
Anyway, it's time for the RARE ITE- i meeaaan, you have to do the Jamaaliday gift first! xD
Wait . . 
I see what you did there AJHQ. :P
And now that i see it, i can see that this is simply a pole with "North Pole" writing on it which gives permission for AJHQ to name it "North Pole."
I thought we would get the NORTH POLE North Pole. :I
Imagine if they made a den called "North pole" hehehe
I need to stop saying "North Pole."
I should call it . . the ARCTIC. It sounds way cooler.
I seem sort of random today.
The title is NOT a typo.
Anyways, back to the RIM now! :D

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Best Dressed Glitches & items

Hey everyone. :3
Im actually excited for Monday because im on summer holidays now. :P (Yesh we live so far away it's summer over here)
I don't know if you guys are on winter holidays though. o-o
Are you?
Yeah, let's just post about the new -
WAAAIT a second.
I forgot about the gift first. xD
I remember these from last year. I wish there would be more new gifts rather than returning ones. >.<
I just realized that this was the exact same color i got from last year. :I
But i guess this item is sorta cute. :3 Im not a huuuuuuge fan of it though.
And now it's the right time for the new item. :P

Friday, 19 December 2014

A guide to Jamaa #4: Avoiding Hackers

Since i did how to avoid getting scammed a month or two ago, i thought it would be a good idea to give tips on how to avoid getting hacked. c:
Okay, so we know all the super obvious rules like don't tell your password to ANYONE, even if it's a friend and make sure you password is secure.
However, what are some extra, but very helpful tips to avoid getting scammed?
That, is what i'll be telling you on this post.

1. Watch what you say.
Okay, so you're talking with a friend - whether it's a virtual or a real-life one you eventually start talking about hacking or something similar. (but not actually about trying to hack someone! xD)
As the conversation continues, you go to the subject of how you think you should have a safe password and you say - My password it really secure, it has 20 characters - 10 numbers and 10 letters 5 of which are capital.
Orr, something LIKE that. But you don't realize that you gave out a whole lot of clues about your password.
Okay, you're probably thinking - That'll NEVER happen to me!
And you know what?
I admit it, i nearly made that mistake of telling clues about my password.
So whenever something like this comes to your mind, remember this!

2. Don't get tricked!
There are MANY ways you can tricked into being hacked! One technique some use is being a "fake" friend. So first off they be super nice to you, give you items and stuff, and as you gain trust in him/her they tell you they're giving away a code to get something but then they tell that you have to tell them their password. Even though you might not be able to say your password, they can still make you do it in other ways like in email or something. 
No matter how nice the jammer was, no matter how many items he/she gave you, Just. Don't. Do. It.
You also may have seen some youtube videos about member account giveaways and stuff. Do not trust these either if they ask for your password, email or anything personal.

3. Locking your account
This is optional, but it sometimes helps. To lock an account, ask your parents to log into their Parent Dashboard and tell them to lock your account after you have logged out. 
If they don't know how to lock your account then they can search it up on the Help Center.
So that's all the extra tips i have for now! Do you have some other tips you would like to share? ^.^

P.S The Jamaaliday gift today is a bow and arrow! How do you feel about this?

Icicle horn

Hello! c:
It's time for the new gift . . im more excited than usual today. :P
*epic drumroll*
It looks AMAZING! :D
But wait, is it a clothing or a den item? xD
I think it's a den item because of those white clumps. :P
Very surprising. O.O
Is this thing edible? Since ice is . . and orange coloring usually means orange flavor so could it be orange flavored ice? 
*tries to lick*
Can't reach . . . >.<
Blergh, forget it. There's two EPIC new items in Jam-Mart furniture! :3

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Pet foxes

Hello! ^o^
It's update day today! c:
To start off with, the BEST Jamaaliday gift is here. :3 (Not really part of the "update" but, whatever.)
Ever since i saw this on Mt. Shiveer, i was hoping it was gonna be a gift . . and, 
It IS a gift! :3 I also (sort of) told the future (again xD)
Im thirsty. Im just gonna drink water now.
Yay im back. :P
^ Why did i even mention that? :T
And now it's time for the UPDATE update! :D
Diamond shop. :I
Why does it always have to be in big CAPITAL letters?
The foxies are cute :3
Have you ever wondered why pets are miniature, even though they're still animals?
I have.
Time for the second page! :D
Uhm i think we already know that, AJHQ. :P
I just noticed this on one of my youtube videos.
Perfect timing! xD
Did i mention they have new login pages?
So epic and cute :D
And the 3rd page, which is about new items and stuff . . my shoulder hurts >.<
We already know that too AJHQ. :P

^ Had to let that out. :I WHYYYYY
Let's continue . . on to the fourth page  . . 
Yay! 2015! Im super excited :D
The new item is . . 
Very similar to the top hat. c:
Edit - i forgot loads of items in Jam-Mart furniture, so i'll post them now. :P
First up we have the Jamaaliday Street lantern! ^.^
I would have never imagined this to be in Jam-Mart furniture . . xD
It's a shame im running so low on gems these days. ;-;
That tiny wreath is adorable because it's tiny. :3
And then we have two new ornaments! :D
(Which are nonmember ^.^)
I love the paw ornament. :P
The spiral one looks slightly like toothpaste and candy canes mixed together. :3
I wonder if THAT'S candy cane . . i mean, it doesn't have candy cane in it's name does it?
IT IS CANDY CANE!! No wait, i think that's porcelain . . *spits out*
It would be lovely to have something that's actually candy cane. :I
Next up, there's two strand thingies. :P
And i don't even have 350 gems . . ;-;
And now it's time for one of my favorites, the Poinsettia Garland!
It looks so pretty and red. ^.^
Here's the other new items, since im tired of typing now. :P
WAAIT a second, is that real candy cane? It looks real . . *bites*
Nope, it's candy cane flavored plastic. :I
That wire reindeer is also one of my favorites. :3
Let's have a look in TreeTop gardens now! :D

And finally, the snowflake throne sold in Epic Wonders!
^ All of that took half an hour to post.
Also, here's a video of the update. :P