Monday, 29 December 2014

Hello. ^.^
2 days till New Year. :3
What if 2015 is a bad year? ohnowhy
now why am i thinking this anyway
i have to think that 2015 will be awesome :D
Mkay, time for  the gift. :3
(mkay means ok right?)

2 lazy for gif

it's another snowman
And it cannot to melted.
I dunno what to type about this item, so

 Time for the new item! :3
*checks in many shops*
Nope, not there. But wait . . 
And in the clothing section of the party, we have the New Year Celebration hat. c:
Um, well this is slightly awkward and wonky. o.O
But still, i like it. :3
And the best part is that it's nonmember. :D
Unlike the New Year party hat. Or was that nonmember too? I forgot. :P
But if that WAS member, this is basically like a nonmember version, correct? :3
I also noticed that nonmember things tend to be slightly wonky and awkward.
But srsly why do i keep saying nonmember. xD
And i'll post 'bout the party on New Year. ^.^
Wait. I cannot BELIEVE i forgot it was RIM today! So im like: is there another new item?" the whole time. :I
And time for the RIM! :3

1,000 gems? 1,000?!
But i gotta admit that the colors are nice. :3 (I mean of course they're nice, red and green go PERFECTLY)
Rating time yayz
Price: 1/5
Color: 5/5
Creativity: 2/5
8 out of 15! I guess it's alright? But many rares tend to be just "okay . . " Amazing ones are very rare. :P
So are bad ones. (thankfully)
And to make this post more interesting, here's a speedpaint of Ravenpaw who is one of my favorite characters from warrior cats. :I
I really need to work on the shading and eyes don't i?
And thank you screencast, for making the quality terribly terrible.
Oh and i just realized that today is the 600th post! Yay :D

Bye for now! :3


  1. I can't draw on the computer it just turns out horrible amd I use gimp which isn't the best for drawing but whatever! But practice makes perfect

    1. You'll get better. c: I don't have GIMP but from the videos it looks like it has the basic stuff for drawing like the different brushes and doing layers etc

    2. What do you use? i switch from paint to SAI :P
      (How do u make SOM Videos fast?)

  2. Thanks! btw Please accept my freind request I am member now. :D -petz52luv

  3. Cloud and them snowmen tho. Hehehehe. >:3

  4. That's a really good Ravenpaw drawing, too! Good job, Cloud! ^•^

  5. NUUUUU THE EARMUFFS ARE MEMBERRRRR can somebody please buy me a pair and gift them to me? Because I am getting my membership on Friday so I will be able to accept them. It would be very kind of you 😊.

    1. Sorry i didn't buy them. D: They where too expensive . .

  6. Feel free to check out my den still, anyone :) You know, I have this little group of "3 snowmen" ( could another or 2 be added?! ) The fridge one, giant huggy one ( that cloud freaks out at ) and the gif today.


  7. DhzffluzdludzlufluzfuzzhffluzfufkzuzludUflzhzufzlfuzlufzhfzHdm&¿¿:-P :-P :-\ ¿ I aways forget RIM SINCE DECEMBER STARTED WITH THE DAILY GIFTS


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