Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New year party ^.^

Hello. :D
Tomorrows new year! c:
There's a very slight chance i won't be able to post since im going to watch the fireworks and stuff, so i guess i'll do the New Year party tour now in case i don't post. :P
But first,
*clicks gift* Dis better be gud . . 
oo yay
Even though i already have it this is such an awesome item mainly because it's awesome and represents friendship. :3
and yeah
So now time for the new year party! :D
Where should i start? :P
The slides? o.o
These look more slippery and smoother than the one at Mt Shiveer.  Extra speed and fun :D
And as chu go down . . you will see a MYSTERIOUS LOLLYPOP CARVING :O
Well not really. :P
But it gives you a free lollypop though! :3
Down below, there's the magical place where you can watch an aurora, fireworks and get all frosty. ^.^
Upstairs is da best part :3
Den item shop is here. :D
Lets have a look at the items. (they're pretty much the same from last year. xD)
Credit for the pics of the items going to the Animal Jam Spirit.
Um, well they're slightly different? o.o
I dunno though.
They're still nice. :3
And let's have a look at the clothing items!
Basically, they're just a mix of random clothing. :T
Music! :3
Also a random collection. :P
That's all for now! Bye :D


  1. The new year party is good but i dont like the items

    1. True Anonymous. AJHQ should add some more items for a ":D" instead of a ":C" Anyways, I just can't help but scream because I did the eagle adventure for more than a month O.O


    2. Meh. The items are okay . . but they could have been like 50% better.

  2. Replies
    1. Um you're welcome, but for what?

    2. I think she's thanking you for the post and for showcasing the items. She's very thankful. Which is a good thing. XD


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