Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Jamaaliday Jam

Hey! :D
Time for . . DA GIFT!
*drumroll + the bunny gif cuz i'll be doing that for every gift now*
okok who cares i wanna see . . DA GIFT!
*clicks accept*
And now for . . THAT SPESHUL MOMENT! :O
(i should get on with it now.)
Well i was expecting a SUPER SPESHUL NEW GIFT!
But it's just from last year. :c
 I guess it's cool though.
puuu- Oh wait, that doesn't match cuz it's made of candy.
*starts eating marshmallows*
Now let's check stores for new items :3
Okay, so the first one's in Jam-Mart Clothing and it's called the - 

No, srsly is not the item's name.

^ And that is why i did not buy yesterday's rare. :I
I feel scammed even though i didn't buy it.
Why must you do this AJHQ? :C
This is why i did not buy a polar bear.
Let's check in Epic Wonders! ^.^
Nope, nothing there.
*goes to Sunken Treasures*
This must mean that's all the new items? IT'S A MIRACLE! *gasp*
Okay, not really but that was different considering how much items are coming out these days. o.o
Well anyways i managed to enter the Jamaaliday Jam! :D
It's the same as last year . . except . . THE GIANT CREEPY RANDOM SNOWMAN WHO WANTS A HUG IS THERE!
So creepy. . ;-;
Anyway if you click this chocolate/lollypop thingy, you get something . . .
im rlly rlly rlly hungry now
And of course, there's the shop which sells Jamaaliday Stuff. :D
But it's a shame that there aren't any new items there. But who knows? Maybe they might come out soon! ^.^
Also, remember the famous boiling melted chocolate pool.

^ Or at least you're covered by it. :P
Finally, the slides! c:
Did you know that they go at different speeds? The pink one is the slowest . . 
Yellow is medium,
And chocolate . . IS DA FASTEST :D

And moving onto something random, i added a fish pond thingy at the bottom of the blog. :P
Soo what do you think? Should it stay like that? I might remove it but im not sure. 
Anyways that's all for now! Bye! :D


  1. Hi! I would appreciate it if you could check out my blog Jamaasian Wonders, thanks! The full link is Jamaasianwonders.blogspot.com.

    1. It says the blog wasn't found, but im sure it's awesome! :)

    2. COOL BLOG Purrclaws!! JAM ON!

  2. Yes now I can get hat in beards in all the colours oh wait!!!! I need more gems!!! And I only have2 spaces left in my inventory better transfer some to my storage

    1. I have about 120 stuff in my inventory. :P
      I like to keep useless stuff that i never wear. xD

  3. Diamonds x3 I certainly enjoy seeing that snowman ^.^ I have one actually xD


    1. I do not like that snowman. xD

    2. I don't even put it in my den and ALWAYS feel like recycling it...though I don't want to :U


  4. I also commented late because I went to bed late. I ended up playing Minecraft. ^w^


  5. This probably sounds weird, but I collect different mailboxes ^3^ I stared with the regular brown one, and then someone traded me a regular one with a purple mailbox, and then I got the jamaaliday one, and now, I'm going to get the newest one in jam mart furniture.

    1. Why in Jamaa would it sound weird? I like to collect different colored mech angel wings. :3

  6. Thanks for the update CloudClaws! - petz52luv

  7. Cloud if you didn't know this,but the giant snowman was a gift from the Jamaaliday rescue. ( I got it in my den ) Maybe it's haunting me O.o Also I don't like today's gift, because it's like yesterday's mailbox in jam Mart furniture. Two mailboxes....?

    1. Yeah i got that as a gift once and i was like. O_O *decline*

  8. Take a look at Treetop Garden.
    Oh mai god. So many items o.o

  9. XDDDDD LOVE THE FISH Cloudclaws!

  10. The fishy tank changed colours ^o^



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