Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Final Jamaaliday Gift

Happy New Year! 
I managed to post today, but i have like 15 mins i think. o.o
And as the title suggests, today is the final jamaaliday gift.
*slow drumroll*
*drumroll speeds up*
Here it goes . . 
*clicks gift*
It's so perfect. :D
Icicles 'cause it's winter and the light part because it's new year. :3
But you can't really notice the lights though. I thought that it lighted up more when you clicked on it but it sadly remains as a faint glow. :c
I suddenly feel weird because it's the last day of 2014.
Anyways, the new item is sold in Epic Wonders which is the Snowman throne. :3
Don't you think this is sort of um weird . . Their faces are cute but the way they're sitting is just awkward. o.o
Also, why is it holding that fire torch thingy if fire makes snowmen melt? Okay, so it's fake but . . 
okok nevermind let's just get on with the next new item sold in Jam-Mart furniture. :P
And finally some more behind scenes on the comics. :3
I wish the comics where longer although i can understand making comics is hard.
And to finish it off, here's the QOTP! ^.^
What are you planning to do this new year?


  1. I really dunno what I'm going to do for the New Year ^.^ The snowman throne is really awkward...I'm for sure NOT going to put that in my collection O o O


  2. Wait a sec...that was the first comment again xD

  3. And those lights are pretty cool ^-^

  4. Ice. Cool.

    Puns again. XD

    Happy New Year, peeps! :)

  5. Thx CloudClaws HAPPY NEW YEAR (and my brithday :DDD)

  6. Whoa, today's your birthday?! Happy Birthday! :D


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