Friday, 19 December 2014

A guide to Jamaa #4: Avoiding Hackers

Since i did how to avoid getting scammed a month or two ago, i thought it would be a good idea to give tips on how to avoid getting hacked. c:
Okay, so we know all the super obvious rules like don't tell your password to ANYONE, even if it's a friend and make sure you password is secure.
However, what are some extra, but very helpful tips to avoid getting scammed?
That, is what i'll be telling you on this post.

1. Watch what you say.
Okay, so you're talking with a friend - whether it's a virtual or a real-life one you eventually start talking about hacking or something similar. (but not actually about trying to hack someone! xD)
As the conversation continues, you go to the subject of how you think you should have a safe password and you say - My password it really secure, it has 20 characters - 10 numbers and 10 letters 5 of which are capital.
Orr, something LIKE that. But you don't realize that you gave out a whole lot of clues about your password.
Okay, you're probably thinking - That'll NEVER happen to me!
And you know what?
I admit it, i nearly made that mistake of telling clues about my password.
So whenever something like this comes to your mind, remember this!

2. Don't get tricked!
There are MANY ways you can tricked into being hacked! One technique some use is being a "fake" friend. So first off they be super nice to you, give you items and stuff, and as you gain trust in him/her they tell you they're giving away a code to get something but then they tell that you have to tell them their password. Even though you might not be able to say your password, they can still make you do it in other ways like in email or something. 
No matter how nice the jammer was, no matter how many items he/she gave you, Just. Don't. Do. It.
You also may have seen some youtube videos about member account giveaways and stuff. Do not trust these either if they ask for your password, email or anything personal.

3. Locking your account
This is optional, but it sometimes helps. To lock an account, ask your parents to log into their Parent Dashboard and tell them to lock your account after you have logged out. 
If they don't know how to lock your account then they can search it up on the Help Center.
So that's all the extra tips i have for now! Do you have some other tips you would like to share? ^.^

P.S The Jamaaliday gift today is a bow and arrow! How do you feel about this?


  1. i was hacked a few days ago so i changed my password. :3

  2. I lock my account now that I don't go on :P but I've told plenty of people "clues" to my password. Doesn't get them any further XD

  3. if u see a scammer or a hacker, maybe u could ask them questions?

  4. You can't SEE a hacker, but some websites give good items that jammers want with a password. I know some of my friends passwords, but I only go on when they can't. I just take some unwanted stuff ^-^ but that's not hacking.

    ~pengy01 Wait did you say bow + arrow? I hope I don't get the same colour/color whatever whoever reads this

  5. The winter fire pit is here!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!! I love this item :3




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