Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Jamaaliday bells & other stuff

Sorry for the terribly late post . . Anywho, the gift isssss . . . 
This is such a cute item. c:
I also remember seeing this in Jamaa Township. ^-^
Hmm . . Let's see how it looks in my den! :D
It looks great with the Gingerbread streamer, cuz it's similar. :P
I also noticed there's tons of stuff in Jamaa that might come out as gifts! c:
Like this row of snowflake thingies?
Or maybe that huuuge ornament in Mt. Shiveer. x3
Anywho, the new item is the wreath necklace! c:
It looks rlly pritty and all, but wouldn't it be a bit itchy? xD
Sadly, that's all i have for now. :c Bye!


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