Sunday, 21 December 2014

Best Dressed Glitches & items

Hey everyone. :3
Im actually excited for Monday because im on summer holidays now. :P (Yesh we live so far away it's summer over here)
I don't know if you guys are on winter holidays though. o-o
Are you?
Yeah, let's just post about the new -
WAAAIT a second.
I forgot about the gift first. xD
I remember these from last year. I wish there would be more new gifts rather than returning ones. >.<
I just realized that this was the exact same color i got from last year. :I
But i guess this item is sorta cute. :3 Im not a huuuuuuge fan of it though.
And now it's the right time for the new item. :P

Im still running low on gems. :c
But this is probably the most coziest looking item i have seen so far. :3
If this was in real life, i bet the food would have tasted really yummy :D
I never really ate something that was cooked over a fire, but i think it has a smoky taste. c: Have you? ^.^
Oh, and yesterday's new item was the fire pit but i think we all know that by now. :P
But there's also another new item sold in Jam-Mart clothing, cuz, it's the Jamaalidys. >:3
Does anyone else think that this item was meant to be in Epic Wonders, but AJHQ accidentally put it in jam-mart? o.O
It reminds me of the Snow Queen, Or  . . 
(you know what it is)
Frozen. :I
I hope that's all the new items. If it isn't then:
But by the looks of it there's no more new items. :P
Or IS there?!
Okay seriously we should get to some other subject now rather than items.
Anyways, earlier on i was playing best dressed. ^.^
And best dressed in super fun, but i noticed SO. MANY. GLITCHES. 
One of them is this - 
Look verryyyy closely.
And the other one ~
The one with the bunny isn't too big, but AJHQ seriously needs to update the color palate. o.o
And also the selector-thingy is down below. Way below the color palate.
I just thought about how epic it would be if AJHQ had an ice skating game. I know we have the ice at Mt. Shiveer, but it is very FRAGILE
(Even though zero animals where harmed because it's a virtual world)
So maybe AJHQ could expand Mt. Shiveer and put some STRONG ice somewhere. :3
You would do tricks and stuff in the game to earn points. That would be so AWES - *cough* i mean, PAWSOME! :D
Some epic GIFs from the Daily Explorer.
winter animated GIF  
snow animated GIF  
I remember seeing that cat from somewhere. I think it's a scottish fold since it's face is round and fluffy. :3  Click here to read about snow!
And as a bonus, MORE GIFs! :D

Boing. [video]

Baby polar bear cuddling with mom



Now for the QOTP!
What activities do you like to do in each season?
Bye! ^.^


  1. I'm on winter holidays :) Hoooooooooray!


  2. Activities? Erm, that's a hard one xD I keep forgetting that I did that first comment :3


  3. Omg I love the new itemz. Also I like to go swimming and sledding! Plus that item Is expensive.

    1. Same. Swimming and sledding is awesome. :3 Although i have only been sledding once since it's not cold enough here.

  4. Anyone know that the "repost chat" thing for members is gone?


  5. Im on winte holidays woop!!! my b day is tomorrow!! I love sledding when tjhere is enough snoew also...Do you want to build a snowman?- courtesy of: Pinkjay2 feel free to addd me on aj

    1. Happy early birthday! :3 It's nearly on Christmas too. :D
      And yesh, I WOULD LOVE TOO! I never built a snowman, so YAAY! :D
      But how . . ? o-o

  6. There is a new item! the winter fire pit table. check it out! it's member, and it cost 450 gems.

    1. It looks SUPER hot doesn't it? ^.^ I mean, hot in a good way . . to warm up the room. :P

  7. Hey Cloud, maybe you could build a snowman on AJ x3 Just get a giant snowman from Jamaaliday Rescue and BAM!!!! Taa daa :P


  8. *Note: Get gems from AJ Jump :3 I just did it

  9. Strange...I have my repost chat again x3


  10. I like Summer and Winter. I like summer because you can go 2 the beach X3 I like Winter because you can drink hot chocolate yummy :P Bye Cloudclaws! :D

  11. Oh also feel free 2 add me on AJ my username is sealpaw23! :3

  12. its summer where i am 2 :I r u an aussie? AUSTRALIA RULEZZ
    :D :P :O :I :L :3 3: ):I >:D >'o'< :U :0 :o :S ^,^ $.$ #,0 (:I -,- @@
    a bunch of faces incase u wanna use em, u probably knew them already anyway. can i enter the the contest?

    User: XxStarB3rryxX
    I want any of them because they r stuff o.O
    PS i dont have a youtube account or i just dont know how i enter, plz read this @@ PSPS i type su much.


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