Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hot Cocoa

Guess what?
Today was the last day of school! c:
But i was still sorta sad cause i won't be able to see my friends for a long time. ;-;
But i seriously needed a break though, so yay . . ? 
I don't know what to think about the last day. :I
Anyways, the gift iss . . 
 This item was cuter and more epic than i was expecting. o.o
Especially that penguin with those puppy dog eyes saying: "Don't drink from me!"
What's the point of having a cute cocoa cup if it's too cute to drink from?
For decoration?
Then i guess we should see how it looks in my Snow Fort den. :3
It would have been better without that tray. It makes my table look too straight. >.<
Buut, on the positive side it does make my den look much cozier. ^.^
I miss drinking hot cocoa. 
I think i like winter better than summer. What about you?
Hey, i should actually make that the QOTP! :P
It's new item time! :D
Snowman. yay. :3
Wait, snowman? Isn't it meant to be a snowanimal? I mean, people don't EXIST in Jamaa . . o.o
It would be awesome if you could switch which snowanimal you wanted.
Anyways, since i reached over 70 subscribers on youtube, i decided to do a giveaway! c:

The items aren't that great, but hopefully a few of you here want them. xD
Moving on to a different subject, i also changed the blogs favicon! :3
So now it's water flowing down onto a rock. You like? c:
Lastly, here's the QOTP! (You probably know it by now. xD)
Summer or winter?
Edit - ANON. I am giving you ONE LAST CHANCE, okay?! Seriously, enough already!


  1. I like both ^-^ And the gift is really cute and warm and ya...what a rant if I continued xD


  2. Omg I have been waiting for this item for ever! I really wanted this item ( other than the fire pit in Jamaa ). Also animal jam should make eggnog, that would be cool! XD

  3. can you do another fashion show I forgot to enter lol


  5. SQUEEE!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jamaaliday present!!!! But thanks for the spoiler in class, Cotton (NOT). Also, that QOTP is like WHAT DO I DO??? I love both, but I'm going to have to say winter. 1 word about summer, actually 2: BUGS. FRIENDLESS. Winter is all fun and confy-cozy, not that i have much against summer.

  6. Oh yeah I'm in third place for River Commentors with 49 comments!!! Randomness.... why am I not on AJ getting that tea set?!

  7. Oh my gosh! That tea set <3
    I have to get it.. :3
    It's super cute! Btw, I like winter, it's beautiful, and snoww
    Though there is no snow in the place I am c:

  8. I am tied with 50 comments ^.^


    Ooh it's 51 now xD

  9. First the cute reindeer clippers now that awww so cute I have to make like a cosy home den perfect for a pj outfit for ms bunny

  10. I think I might enter the giveaway :3



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