Saturday, 6 December 2014

Jamaaliday Rescue

Hey guys! ^-^
I only got like 8 mins to post, so this has to be quick. D:
So it's probably gonna be uninteresting/rushed/just plain bad. ;-;
But anyways, today gift was a diamond again but the actual gift is the anemone headbow. ^o^
Pretty much everyone loves this item, including me. xD
I already have a tan-brown version of it, but . . 
*clicks accept anyway*
It's good to have new colors with items like these. c:
Also, people are saying the diamonds are member so i decided to check it out for myself on my storage and . .
Woooow. -.-
The actual new item is the Round Ornament! ^-^
Eeek! I only have 3 mins left to post now. DX
I love this item though, especially that rainbow colored version. c: You can now decorate you giant Jamaaliday tree! (yay i said Jamaaliday instead of Christmas, but i just said Christmas then.)
And to finish it off, time for the QOTP! ^-^
*searches around for jamaa calendar but can't find it.* Im such a nub. ;-;
Credit goes to the Animal Jam Spirit, because im a nub.
What sort of new challenges will the Jamaaliday Rescue have?
Will it be a normal land adventure, an underwater one or a pet one? What do you think about the adventure?
I guess that's all for now. The post didn't turn out to be TOO bad but still . . o-o
Bye! c:


  1. I think it will be a land one, and you have to save santa CLAWS from the phantoms. =D

    1. Santa Claws sounds stupid Anon. Just shut up, got it? You are stupid. Lol. :). Go back to your dumster anon. XD

    2. No need to be rude anon. If you have nothing nice to say then don't say it.

    3. Dumster is spelled like this dumpster...

  2. The ornament was yesterday's new item

    1. I didn't really look at the store yesterday soo . . xD

  3. I think the Jamaaliday rescue will have phantoms taking over and ruining the Jamaalidays, and we have to stop them! :) Nub...XD


    1. That's actually what will probably happen in the adventure. :3
      It's also gonna be a pet one, but i wish that there was more land adventures now. What about the phantom fortress?


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