Saturday, 27 December 2014

Weird yeti rug thingy

Normal gifts are back!
But the previous one is gray. o.O
But the gift iss . . 


And - 
Uhm well im not sure if i should call this creepy or cute . . 
I accepted anyway. I hope it's a small item and not HUGE.
^ (I think i over exaggerated the font size . . )
^ ( And i don't know if that sentence makes any sense) 
Well i guess i should put dis in my den to see how it looks like and stuff. :T

But i like it better without the face so im gonna use it. :3
Now for the new item! :3
*checks in Jam-mart Furniture*
Snow fort corner wall. Perfect for corners.
You know, it would be great if this was nonmember but nope
Well, that's it i guess . . ?
bye :D


  1. The yeti face does make it slightly creepy xD I wonder if there's other colours ^-^


  2. WHAT!? That was the first comment O.o

  3. Maybe er the er gift thing for today uh maybe its face got buried in the huge fluffy whiteness of it all OR when placed in den, the side with the face on it is facing the ground so we can't see it. I dunno. :P

  4. And I changed my pic finally! C: C: C:

  5. mine doesn't even have a face!


  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so far my profile pics have been snow leopards xD

  7. I think that yeti rug matches with the yeti mask in Mt. Shiveer. ._.

  8. I think the face is cute (if the rug actually had it)


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