Friday, 19 December 2014

Icicle horn

Hello! c:
It's time for the new gift . . im more excited than usual today. :P
*epic drumroll*
It looks AMAZING! :D
But wait, is it a clothing or a den item? xD
I think it's a den item because of those white clumps. :P
Very surprising. O.O
Is this thing edible? Since ice is . . and orange coloring usually means orange flavor so could it be orange flavored ice? 
*tries to lick*
Can't reach . . . >.<
Blergh, forget it. There's two EPIC new items in Jam-Mart furniture! :3
The Jamaaliday Window sorta looks like the paradise window, except it's a winter version of it. :P
The bird feeder looks adorable! c: Those bells where a nice touch. ^.^
In Jam-Mart Clothing we have the Ornament Earrings! :D
They sorta remind me of Transformice. :P
They look very cute, but do they also look slightly like olives . . ? o.O
Anywho, here's the DE post! c:
Im so excited for more! ^-^
I know why the Cami's frog was made after her, but i don't have enough time to explain now since i have to go. >.<
Bye! Sorry if my post was boring. :I


  1. Omg the new items are cool in jam Mart furniture. Also those clothing items looks funny! Gave me a laugh there, what's next, snowflake mask?

    1. Yeah it does look sorta funny doesn't it? xD

  2. The Ice Fort den is sold in the coral canyons den shop if you haven't seen c:

    1. Most jammers know it already so i thought it would be useless to post it
      now. :p

  3. What is ur transform ice name mine is angietheseal

  4. Hey Cloudclaws, you forgot the Yeti mask in the cute Hot Cocoa shop.
    (Btw, her user is Rasberrry)
    Meow. =^.^=

  5. Nuuu I commented late :(

    I got a blue icicle horn. We can trade if you want Cloud :3


  6. WHAT WHAT WHAT I'm the first in River commenters...

    ~pengy01 O.O

  7. where do you get it from?


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