Sunday, 7 December 2014

Jamaaliday Lights

Hey everyone! ^o^
I don't have much time to post today either. But anyway, the Jamaaliday gift is . . .
Aww i was hoping this was something new. :c
*clicks decline*
Oh well. It's still a very cute sweater. ^-^
But that loop is annoying. Why is there a loop on every sweater?
As the title suggests, the item is the Jamaaliday lights, sold in Jam-Mart .  . I guess we know what.
(furniture! xD)
It's sort of too simple for me. :P But it's cheap and nonmember though. c: (mainly cuz it's a very simple item) But it's still nice c:

But srsly. Why do i keep using the c: face. Noo just did it again.
Nothing to post about now, so im just gonna check the DE.
Oooh! Paper toy printables! :D
Dis is awesome! :3
That rabbit's chin is too um, long though.
I guess that's it. I know, this post was terribly boring again. -.-


  1. Omg i love the holiday sweaters!

  2. Come on Cloudclaws, it wasn't that boring. I need those paper printable thingywhatsits, even though I probably won't.

  3. Cloud stone swords are In the Diamond Shop.

  4. What? Why would ajhq do that?? Nuuuuuu! Lol

  5. Ya I wonder why they came out with that,but it's because to prevent weird rumors and scamming, hacking, and fake calls or emails to AJHQ. Also the pet gingerbread house came out in the diamond shop too.

  6. The paper toys look pretty cool. :)

    XD love that name that person put: A Taco ^^


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