Friday, 12 December 2014

Snowflake Balloon

Hello jammers! ^-^
Just a quick note - I couldn't delete those comments earlier since my timezone is very different to you guys. I might be sleeping or at school when you are awake, or at home. 
Anonymous, if you do not stop i will put on comment moderation the next day, so there's no point in it now.
Anyways, back to the post! :D
*logs into Jamaa*
*Gift calendar pops up*
I forgot there was a gift today. xD 
I wonder what it is . . 
*clicks gift*
It looks cute and awkward at the same time. xD
For some reason, i don't like how balloons look like on AJ, so this item isn't my favorite. I keeped it anyways though. :P
I wonder what the actual new item is . . 
*looks at Jam-Mart clothing*
And there it is - the Reindeer Mask! :D
I love this item! :3 
The big red nose looks verry awkward though. o-o
Is it just me or is it cheaper than last time? Because 150 gems is very cheap for this item . . 
Anyway, i noticed this small wreath is Jamaa Township - 
I hope it comes out as a Jamaaliday Gift, because it looks very cute! ^-^
Lastly, here's the QOTP!
What do you think would make a fanatastic Jamaaliday gift?


  1. Cloud, incase you didn't notice, a new adventure has come out called the Jamaaliday Rescue. It's EXTREMELY Fun and I got these following items from it...
    Candy cane archway and giant snowman from Jamaa township, and snowflake banner from coral canyons. If you come to my den I will have more items out. Also... I got clothes and they are rare, but were never rare item monday... how mysterious and awesome

    1. Where is the adventure located? I can't find it.

    2. It's located at the party list. Thanks for informing me about that DonozWisdom AJ. :3

  2. I think an epic item should be one of those fire place things located in Jamaa Township and Mt. Shiveer! ^.^


  3. i really want to get a DIFFERENT colored snowflake balloon but i do not know where to get one.

  4. How much is the rare snowflake worth people try to trade me alot of items but IDK how much it is worth so I decline


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