Thursday, 31 January 2013

racoons and pet tigers

hey jammers, as you can see i have changed my user to cloudclaws.
sorry i was late about the post and may have missed one or two because i have not been feeling well lately.
ok now lets get on with the post

pet tigers are here! 

the new items are heart cape and pink chest.


and OMG A NEW ANIMAL! racoons! (if im right)

 happy jamming

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

rare wizard hat

hey jammers
i need to go to bed plus school starts tommarow so this is a short post

the only new tem i could find is the rare wizard hat in the hat shop in sarepia forest

Happy jamming

Sunday, 27 January 2013

jamaasian movment

have any of you noticed how much animal jam is changing?? AJ used to be full of spirit and imagination and now? rares rares RARES.Shamans are not seen anymore and before you know it jamaa will be a newyork city full of skyscrapers!!! well if that happened i would send an email to AJHQ that said:if you dont make jamaa normal in two weeks im quiting forever.

AJHQ is treating us like 5 year olds and blaming it on the phantoms when AJ is hacked
spread the world and join the jamaasian movment! NOTE:click the picture of mira on your left to join!


ok jammers jamaa township is getting err...ANNOYING

and why are people making the pillow room a adoption center?!?!?!?
and all everyone cares is about....TRADING!?!?!??!?!


                           ok and the if you like me my den thingy is getting mega annoying

thanks and happy jamming!

mira sightings

hey jammers, this is a quick post about mira sightings and im sure many of you have seen them!

here is mira's staute in jamaa township  (everyone knows that) 

maybe that's mira..?

and i also found her next to brady barr's 

and the flame of her in sarepia forest

Ok jammers is you saw mira in other places please comment!!!
and plus i love comments :)

Goalpost and witch hat

hey jammers, todays new item is Goalpost which is sold in jam mart furniture

ok so the second new item is witch hat returning from october 2012

Happy Jamming!

Friday, 25 January 2013

future lands of jamaa

hey jammers, this is a quick post about the future lands of jamaa

 thats three in total future lands. i hope they come soon!
the one that im wanting it the most to come is the one next to mt shiveer

Shoal of minnows and jammer art

hey jammers the new item is shoal of minnows, sold in sunken Treasures.

AJHQ has posted an art post on the Daliy Explorer

Happy jamming!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

firepot and rare chicken hat

hey jammers

new items fire pot sold in jam mart furniture.

am i late??

 and also rare chicken hat in new year party

Saturday, 19 January 2013

racoon hat and rare knitted hats

hey jammers!
Todays new item is the racoon hat their so cute!
plus their for nonmembers as well!


and their also selling rare knitted hats in the shop
at canyons pathway

happy jamming!

Thursday, 17 January 2013


hey jammers, today i found a VERY BAD USERNAME!

IS SHE CRAZY??????? WHAT THE..... 



3D animals?

hey jammers!

i just noticed that some animals look 3D i dont know if AJ had a update lately
but they dont look 3D when your using them they just look 3D in the switch animals thing

here is my 3D bunny and elephant!

i dont know if anyone else has noticed that

happy jamming


hey jammers!
this week AJHQ is  featuring a hatapalooza celebration check out all
the hat shops!

here is the first one in mt shiveer

here is the first page of it

next one is in canyones pathway!

and first page of it

and the last ones in sarepia forest!

first page

and a new epic wonders series birthstones!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


hey jammers,
i know i was not here during the olden days of animal jam but i know
pretty much about the olden days,like when people played buddy games for fun and
everyone was busy making lets look at nowdays,scamming,dating,screaming and pretending to kill each other
tell all of your buddies all jammers about this
if this wont stop in the future they might have to SHUT DOWN AJ!!!
yep your worst nightmare might come true :(

the future might be worse,i even sent an email to animal jam not sure if they replied
i even told my parents about this
and i hate it when a wolf,fox or tiger (etc)
tries to catch a bunny or other small animals and catch them for prey
this happened to me once when i was a bunny
and on crowded servers,in sarepia forest there is always a big fight or a bunny being killed :(
and in the sea a shark is always chasing a penguin or seal :(
and why is the love emotion there if animal jam doesn't want us to be doing those sick stuff?
and the thing that annoys me the MOST is that when some sick person says to me,are you free? is girl makes me want to punch them through the screen. in my option the most annoying thing is DATING. and about the rares? well like i told you earlier THEY DONT MATTER BECAUSE THERE JUST PIXELS!

Dating needs to stop

hey jammers

has anyone seen people saying if you like me my den?
sure you would have because MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DO IT but a very few people think

its wrong AND IT IS WRONG! you dont even know who your dating and its GROSS

once there was a guy saying girls my den and a thought it was some kind of girls only party
well that was when i was new..
and then that guy said:if you like me stay then made the love emotion
OMG gross well mostly new jammers do it because they dont know about jamaa's history

OR its shamans they think the point of AJ is to find their true love *gags* i cant belive

i just said that. thats why i suggest you join the jammasian movment (click the picture of mira on your right to join)
mosty when i visit the jamaa township i find people saying boys/girls my den

it just makes me wanna QUIT

thats why i dont visit the jamaa township very often

Monday, 14 January 2013

rare cozy shoes and more

Hey jammers!

sorry i was late about the the rare cozy shoes. I have been busy lately

and AJHQ has posted the winner to the news article contest about big cats

sparkle supersailor is the winner!

Happy jamming!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

ice block and more

Hey jammers!

Today i discovered how to be extremely red but

first lets have a look at the new den item

its a ice block!

ok now how to be extremely red at the wolves only party! 

first get muddy in the appondale!

when your fully muddy go to the

wolves only party then stand near the lava

and you will be red in no time!

Happy jamming everyone!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

still new?

hey jammers!
i just noticed that clothing from almost a month is still marked new.

has AJ HQ forgotten about them??

it is kinda weird :p LOL

See? lol :D
Happy jamming!


Today i will explain you the PROBLEM with rares
First of ALL is that RARES cause hacking and scamming because EVERYONE THINKS THAT RARES ARE LIKE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD.





a person has more to work with than rares or PIXELS










well thats just because there JELOUS
and sorry if i was too angry about it
and trust me when ever i go to the trade part i see people shouting

SEE? thats the reason i dont like the trading party :(
*sigh* i wish rares didnt even exist
i mean what animal jam really is about is making friends and learning about nature not RARES  

new winter stuff

Hi jammers!!

today we have the sled as a new den item!

ok we also have a snow cannon!

costs more gems than the sled :)

and sorry i was late bout the frozen bush

Happy jamming everyone!

Friday, 4 January 2013

snow fort and animal contest

hey jammers

there are new items everywhere!

here is the return of the snow fort den!!

and another contest!

pretty cool!

happy jamming everyone!

new stuff in the new year party

hey jammers we have the heart couch in the new years party and more!here is the heart couch:

looks nice,costs 250 gems

ok so i was a little late about the wolf fireworks but here they are:

buy for 600 gems!

that is all the new items for now

Thursday, 3 January 2013


so i went to make myself a new account AND I SAW HOW LIZA LOOKS NOWDAYS! SHE DOES NOT HAVE A NAMETAG OMG what is AJ HQ doing to her????

AND PLUS she dose not explain ABOUT MIRA I MEAN EVERYONE HAS TO KNOW ABOUT MIRA!!!!!!!!! new jammers will just look at the staute and think its NOTHING

or did she get brain washed by those darn phantoms?????????????????????????

OR its the alpha version of her. but she has no name tag.....


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

new items

hey jammers,
the new item in epic wonders is diamond on display
buy it now for 4,500 gems! 

the new item is the freedom bunny hat sold in the 
new year party

buy it for 500 gems!

thats all for now jammers!

animal jam Monterey bay Aquarium open sea cam

hey jammers

be sure to check out the open sea cam!

i also noticed that now you can control the green fish with your mouse

pet owls

Hey jammers!

we have the pet owl for the member gift!
and their play/hunting action is AWESOME!
so be sure to check your jam-a-grams!!

here is my pet owl!

Jamaa's History

please read before starting:
All credit goes to Snowyclaw for the story. 
This story was originally written by AJHQ but sadly removed.
The Story
And so it was that the Sky Father was named Zios. He created many stars and planets, and set them in motion. But after eons of creation, he became lonely. So he created the Sky Mother, a grey heron, and named her Mira. Mira was beautiful and kind and they were very happy together. 
She loved Zios deeply and often told him how talented he was, encouraging him to create. Together, Zios and Mira created their masterpiece: a lush land filled with oceans, mountains, meadows, and all kinds of plants and animals. They named this special world Jamaa, and for hundreds of years, the world and its animals were at peace.
But today, all is not well in Jamaa. A mysterious dark force has crept into the land, stealing away animals and ruining the beauty of Jamaa. Only you can help save the animals and restore the world to its glory. Please help, for you are Jamaa's only hope. ~Ancient AJ Legend

     How phantoms came to Jamaa    
Mira, the Sky Mother, was heartbroken after she lost her companion spirit, Zios, the Sky Father. Her feelings of sadness and anger fell to the earth of Jamaa. Mira's tears mixed with the elements of Jamaa and formed the dark mysterious phantoms that haunt this land today. Because of the sadness and anger that they were created from, the phantoms' only goal is to bring chaos and destruction to Jamaa. ~adapted ancient AJ legend