Wednesday, 16 January 2013


hey jammers,
i know i was not here during the olden days of animal jam but i know
pretty much about the olden days,like when people played buddy games for fun and
everyone was busy making lets look at nowdays,scamming,dating,screaming and pretending to kill each other
tell all of your buddies all jammers about this
if this wont stop in the future they might have to SHUT DOWN AJ!!!
yep your worst nightmare might come true :(

the future might be worse,i even sent an email to animal jam not sure if they replied
i even told my parents about this
and i hate it when a wolf,fox or tiger (etc)
tries to catch a bunny or other small animals and catch them for prey
this happened to me once when i was a bunny
and on crowded servers,in sarepia forest there is always a big fight or a bunny being killed :(
and in the sea a shark is always chasing a penguin or seal :(
and why is the love emotion there if animal jam doesn't want us to be doing those sick stuff?
and the thing that annoys me the MOST is that when some sick person says to me,are you free? is girl makes me want to punch them through the screen. in my option the most annoying thing is DATING. and about the rares? well like i told you earlier THEY DONT MATTER BECAUSE THERE JUST PIXELS!


  1. It is not that I don't agree with you, the love emotion is for items, pets, and the mira statue. i am saying the Mira statue because we all should love Mira. This is just a thing i know.

  2. there is nothing wrong with clans play fighting just as long as the jammers don't get mad at each other. There is nothing wrong with ppl catching bunnies and other prey. Just as long as him or she lets the prey respawn.


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