Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dating needs to stop

hey jammers

has anyone seen people saying if you like me my den?
sure you would have because MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DO IT but a very few people think

its wrong AND IT IS WRONG! you dont even know who your dating and its GROSS

once there was a guy saying girls my den and a thought it was some kind of girls only party
well that was when i was new..
and then that guy said:if you like me stay then made the love emotion
OMG gross well mostly new jammers do it because they dont know about jamaa's history

OR its shamans they think the point of AJ is to find their true love *gags* i cant belive

i just said that. thats why i suggest you join the jammasian movment (click the picture of mira on your right to join)
mosty when i visit the jamaa township i find people saying boys/girls my den

it just makes me wanna QUIT

thats why i dont visit the jamaa township very often


  1. AJHQ totally supports it. IKR!!! they made a whole "dating scene" in their tunnel town vedio!!! YA BETTER STOT AJHQ!!!

  2. I hate dating y do these creeps do it on a children's game?


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