Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Large Trunk

Hello! ^-^
It was super hot today. :I
Hmmm . . i can't seem to find the new item.
Ooh, what about the Diamond Shop? :D
Then . . I must search EVERYWHERE! :O
*1000 years later*
Finally found it in Royal Ridge in Coral Canyons. :3
Don't you hate it when it takes you forever to find a new item? >.<
Royal Ridge is sorta unfair seeing that only eagles can reach it. :I
But the trunk looks pretty nice. I wonder what's inside it? :3
I was expecting something . . really awesome like unlimited chocolate or something.
But i guess sports equipment is okay. It actually surprised me. xD
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Monday, 29 September 2014

Rare Cone Collar

Hello! ^-^
It's Monday again, which means it's time for the Rare Item - the Rare Cone Collar sold in the last page of the medical center. c:
Meh. Not the best rare. :I
Interesting colors though. ^-^
Remember when Kimbara Outback first came out? It was just FULL of people . . o-o
And now hardly anyone comes there. :c
At least if it wouldn't have come, then there wouldn't be the Medical Center, Spot on or the Outback shop. ^.^
Time for the rating! :3
Colors: 4/5
Creativity: 1/5
Price: 1/5
6 Out of 15. Meh. :T
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Pile Of Leaves and Rake

Hello! c:
Since Autumn is coming, today's item is the Pile Of Leaves and Rake sold in jam-Mart Furniture!
Nonmember yay :D
 A bit similar to the Pile Of Leaves . . o.o 
Scratch that, it's basically the same thing. With a rake of course. xD
Meh i liked it better without the rake. At least it's free :D
AJHQ seems to be making similar versions of items sold in stores. They seem to be runnng out of ideas, or perhaps they want to make better versions of the classic items? :3
Moving on to another subject, here's the DE post about . . stuff? :P
It's mainly about Diamonds. :3

 Is it just me or do phantoms seem to freak out when the Alphas use their staff thingies? o_o
But i am SUPER excited for the night of the phantoms. :3
Also, the diamond challenges are a neat idea because that means all jammers - nonmembers too have a chance of getting diamonds. ^_^

Lastly, here's the QOTP!
What are some cool facts about animals you know?
Bye! :3

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Chest Of Gems

Hallo. ^-^
The new item is the Chest Of Gems - sold in Jam-Mart Furnitire!
Ever noticed how items recently resemble older versions? The stone sink resembles the Wooden sink, and this one resembles the gem box. o.o
Still, it's pretty neat. It opens up if you click it. :D
So many colorz :O
Also, i discovered something cool. :3
Go to Tableshop's den . . 
It has so much tables. o.O
They just look so cool and epic combined together. xD
You'll find a portal in the den which will lead to another . . 
Oh snap . . WHICH ONE O_O
I challenge you to survive! :O
O.O Books . . everywhere.
These are too much books for me.
This one is pretty classic. XD
Also, there are many more of these dens. :D
They are just awesome. c:
What do you think? ^-^
Anyway, here's the DE post!

Okay. Nevermind. It's getting late XD

Friday, 26 September 2014

Stone Vanity

Hello. c:
The new item is the Stone Vanity. ^-^
Oooh nice. :D
That little cactus looks so cute. ^-^
But hasn't anyone noticed that AJHQ's stone-carving has gotten better? :P
Look at the old ones . . they're all wonky. o-o
Lolz. xD
Anywho, i noticed something in the Cocoa Hut . .
Look. Members get fluffy jackets, while nonmembers get the old ragged blankets. The quilted blanket looks pretty good with it's colors . . but it's still classified as patched and ragged.
Nonmembers always seem to get those "patchy" items.
See?! Nonmembers get very few winter clothing too. So they can't keep as warm? ;-;
What do you think about this? I think it's sort of unfair and nonmembers could do with a bit more winter clothing . . 
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Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Night Of The Phantoms

Hello. c:
The new item is, yup you guessed it - sold in the Diamond Shop and used to be a monthly member gift.
It's the returning Caged Phantom! :3
I like this phantom items. These are way better than the ones sold in the Adventure Base Camp . . those are too bulky and huge for me. :P
But . . sometimes i wonder - is keeping a phantom in a cage cruel or not? o-o
Speaking of Phantoms . . Jamaa Township has changed. TO ETERNAL DARKNESS! :O
Nah, not really. xD 
Just a month or two.
I have really missed the Night Of The Phantoms. :3
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stone Sink

Hello. c:
Where's the new item?
*Did you check Epic Wonders?* yes.
*Have you checked the underwater shops?* yes.
Oh wait. Found it. xD
Yaaay stone sink. :3
The white towel comes in lots of different colors. ^-^
I like it, but it's too bulky for me. o-o
It looks more like wood. :p
I wonder if any water comes out of it if i click it . . 
 Water :D
Anywho . . has anyone noticed there's a huge amount of unreleased but amazing items in Jam-Mart Furniture? :3
All of them would make amazing items.Especially those couches and those pile of pillows and that vase and . . Well, pretty much every item. xD
On the other hand, here's a guide for the AJ birthday party. :D
So basically you walk around some giant cake.
This is the shop. ^o^
And this is the top of the cake. :3
The party seems to take place in . . 
Which brings us to the QOTP . . 
Where is this "icecream land" located in Jamaa? How do we get there?
Happy Jamming! :3

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Trapped Phantom

Hello! ^o^
Today's item is another Monthly Member Gift - the Trapped phantom! c:
Oooh nice, i have always wanted one of these. ^-^
This also comes in a square shape as well, although i prefer the circular ones. Also, wouldn't it be cool if we could have phantoms for pets? >:3
But they'd zap us . . but we can train them. >:D
Also, many jammers today didn't get a diamond . . and apparently everyone seems to be spazzing out because of it. o-o
Now saying these people are bad, but don't you think they are sorta overreacting? :O
AJHQ isn't perfect . . they probably forgot about it. :p
Most of the times i just forgot what diamond day is, so whenever i get i diamond im like: Today was diamond day?!
Hehe. :P

Anywho, the diamond shop Alphas are here! Well, at least the statues.
They're all so awesome! :D My favorite ones are Juno, Boomer and Olive. c:
Im so happy that the Diamond Shop alphas are *finally* here. c:
Before i go, here's the QOTP. ^o^
How did the Diamond Shop Alphas came? How come there weren't any Alphas before?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Rare Beard

Hey! :D
It's Monday today, so you know what it's time for.
The new rare! ^-^
Is it just me or does this rare just seem "sudden"? o-o
By that, AJHQ just suddenly recolored a beard for no actual reason.
Shouldn't it be something related to what's going on in Jamaa? Like a birthday-cake rare thingy or something. :3
But AJHQ suddenly comes up with this. o-o
Rating time! ^-^
Color: 2/5
Creativity: 1/5
Price: 2/5
5 out of 15. :I
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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bulky Phantom Statue & Party

Hello! ^-^
The new item is the Bulky Phantom Statue which is sold in the Diamond Shop. :3
I think this was released as a Monthly Member Gift in 2012, so it's pretty reasonable for it to be in the diamond shop. :p
The only difference is that they put "bulky" at the start of the name. x3
But to me, this looks more like something you would find in Epic Wonders . . 
Which is strange because the Diamond Phantom is sold there.
Diamonds are more valuable than gems . .but i gotta say that earning a diamond is easier than earning 7,500 gems for some people. But has anyone wondered how much one diamond is worth? ^-^
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Bayan Tree.. o-o

Hello! ^o^
No the new item is not the Ruby Necklace which unfortunately means im not a fortune teller. ;-;
There's this more awesomer thing sold in Treetop Gardens though.
Wow, o-o
So much roots and uhh . . i forgot what those root - like thingies hanging from the branches where called.
Definitely buying these even though it's 500 gems. :D
I was not expecting this to be so massive. :O
Speaking of bayan trees . . Did you know bridges can be made from them? :O
Amazing, isn't it? And they are actually stronger than ordinary bridges! :3
And suddenly im googling up images of weird trees.
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Friday, 19 September 2014

TBA - new adventure?!

Hello jammers! ^o^
The new item today is the Ruby Ring. c:
 Human-y, but it's very elegant. c:
Can't say im the biggest fan of rings on AJ though . . i like necklaces more. ^-^
There will probably be a ruby necklace though. :D
Anywho, i would like to tell you about a really strange adventure called TBA . . it's an unfinished adventure, on of the AJHQ workers must have released it accidently. It's now removed - however i can still show you some pictures . . 
Credit goes to Snowyclaw
Liza talks to you really weird. "Go do stuff" Cracks me up everytime. xD
This is when you enter the adventure . . 
A tree. The sketches seem to be unfinished since they don't have much shading . . 
Also, a weird candy thingy on top of the gembag. o-o
There's also some other places you can explore . . 
This is the phantom garden. c:
And the lake . . 
Monkey's can walk on water? o-o
Actually, they can moonwalk on water. xD
And lastly - the phantom patch.
After playing, this pops up.
If you click "Yes". .
"Now i'll say this and dissappear"
Oh, Liza. xD
Lastly - here's the party invitation!
Remember - one more day left. :3
Im so excited! ^o^
Sorry this wasn't really the usual post . . i don't have enough time. DX
Also, fman didn't hack into the adventure so it was safe. c: