Saturday, 13 September 2014

Safety Tips and more

Hello jammers! c:
The new item today is an egyptian clothing item which is sold in Epic Wonders - the new Epic Egyptian Hat! :D
Oohh nice. :3
It looks like the hats like a pharaoh's used to wear. :D
Actually, it IS one of those hats. :p
Ok, i just have to make an outfit with this . . I JUST HAVE TO! xD
Zebra pharaoh. o-o
Hey, wouldn't it be cool if zebras came to Jamaa? I think it would be clawtastic! :D
Speaking of new animals . . should i do a mini - art contest soon? The concept will be to draw whatever animal you think you would like to come to Jamaa! ^-^
Check below the link for more . . .
Anywho, here's the DE post! :3
Yup, it IS very important since AJHQ hasn't posted stuff about safety for a while. :3
This safety rule is the most obvious rule of all though . . i mean, who would give our their password?
I know, but sometimes you can just accidentally give out clues, so be very careful. :O
Lastly, here's the QOTP!
What's your favorite land in Jamaa?
Bye everyone! ^o^


  1. Cottoncandygal1125713 September 2014 at 05:14

    Hi! ^_^
    Also, while I'm here, I have to give the BEST IDEA EVER ^_^

    How about, every day (or a certain day) when there is a rare or cool item, you make an outfit with it?

    Like, regularly! :D
    Maybe it could be on Fridays..

    Fabulous Fridays :D
    And maybe the people in the comments can judge! :D
    (Cloudclaw's, Make me an author and this dream will come true 030)

    Anyways, That outfit looks like an evil pharaoh! ):3

    And the QOTD, I have always had an interest in Sarepia Forest.
    (1) I like roleplays! :P
    (-) It's me and Chococat's (Chococat is a jammer who sometimes comments :3 we are great friends) little 'trolling spot'. We like to troll there ^_^

    ~Cotton, who really wants to troll >:D

    1. Cottoncandygal1125713 September 2014 at 05:16

      Oh, and one more thing:

      I would love the idea of Zebras..
      They would be a rip-off of the horse DX
      Probably like how Cheetahs look a bit like Snow Leopards (in my opinion)

      But that Art-Contest sounds awesome!
      Just how do I enter 030

      ~Cotton, who seriously needs something to do before she dies

    2. @Cottoncandygal11257,
      I occasionally do outfits, but i might be doing more later! :)

    3. thats what i told them to make 0,0 but i was expeckting it too be a little better :)

  2. Hey I don't comment during week when I have school

  3. But I will try to comment and I like the drawing idea

  4. My fav land is Kimbara Outback and violet i need advice u know who I am

  5. Hi! I'm Chococat, Cotton's BEST FRIEND!!! I have always like Lost Temple of Zios and Jamaa Township. Also, in listening to this song called ITS RAINING TACOS! look it up on youtube XD

  6. Heh my name started with a z and I would totally love zebras in jamma X3

  7. hi cloud claws i have trouble disiding what to role play as can u make a role play outfit ideas page if u could it would rlly help

    1. I don't think i'll be making a page like that, but i can still give you some awesome tips! :)
      Firstly on deciding on what to roleplay . . If you read Warrior Cats, then warrior roleplay is great! :D Although, there are some powerplayers which get really violent and annoying. :I Don't worry though, i don't really see those people around.
      For warrior cats outfit:
      Animal: Wolf, fox (for apprentice), cheetah, snow leopard, etc.
      Looks: Usually leaf necklaces and elf cuffs or leaf armor. No unnatural colors - mostly red, brown hues. For body, you may use bow and arrows, worn blankets, or a Jamaaliday bow. (Mostly used for medicine cats) For the head, fox hats are recommended however you can also pull off headdresses. Just nothing sparkly or diamond-y.
      If you want to RP something else . . well, there are deer herd roleplays too. The outfit is pretty simple, brown shades and antlers if male. Do not have unnatural things like diamond tiaras etc.
      There aren't many other roleplays . . but perhaps you could start a wolf pack one? All outfits are pretty much the same - natural colors and natural items.
      Hope this helped!


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