Friday, 26 September 2014

Stone Vanity

Hello. c:
The new item is the Stone Vanity. ^-^
Oooh nice. :D
That little cactus looks so cute. ^-^
But hasn't anyone noticed that AJHQ's stone-carving has gotten better? :P
Look at the old ones . . they're all wonky. o-o
Lolz. xD
Anywho, i noticed something in the Cocoa Hut . .
Look. Members get fluffy jackets, while nonmembers get the old ragged blankets. The quilted blanket looks pretty good with it's colors . . but it's still classified as patched and ragged.
Nonmembers always seem to get those "patchy" items.
See?! Nonmembers get very few winter clothing too. So they can't keep as warm? ;-;
What do you think about this? I think it's sort of unfair and nonmembers could do with a bit more winter clothing . . 
Check below the link for more!
On the other hand, here's the DE post. c:

 Three? THREE?! O_O
I guess that's better. :p
Oscar, Oliver and Otis are berry cute names for otters too. :3
And the all start with the letter O. xD
Cuz otters also start with the letter O. :P
Why do i keep saying O so much.
Something random . . cat statues look cool when positioned together.
So many gold owo
Also, don't you think AJHQ should change the start page? :o
Which brings us to today's question . . 
If you could design AJ's start page, how would it be like?
Bye jammers! ^-^



  2. i agree, i get that non members should not get everythings that members get but still, we need the basic nessecities, we cant be shivering every time we visit in the winter, it is so unfair, i am so glad we share the same point of view!
    ~heyitsbhanu {that is my aj username}

    1. ya i pay my membership for something but they should make more nm items

  3. Hai jammers! If I could design a new start page, it would be jamaa township, in animation style, instead of 3D. Jammers would be dressed in fun clothes, such as party hats.They would all be with buddies, and of course, jamming on!
    - rainbowdash95271

  4. Hee hee, I got an idea for the star page. In one side, there's the Aklphas with Jammers behind them. One the other side, there's Phantoms and these 2 teams are facing each other, about to attack. In the middle, there will be the face of Mira like the sun in the sky (or maybe Zios?)! :D


    1. Alphas* Typos typos everywhere....


  5. I like the start page just like this

  6. Cottoncandygal1125726 September 2014 at 19:09

    Dream Page-

    Instead of alphas, Zios , along with other Jammers, are holding the Animal Jam Logo, and 'Play Wild' at the bottom. I could email or find a way to send my sketch to you, 030

    Anyways, I agree with the clothes.
    It's like AJHQ is giving money to the members, and the Non-Members only get a couple cents.
    Maybe few members, might give a dollar or two, but mostly, it doesn't help much.

    I have thought so hacking AJHQ, to create all items for everyone.

    I hate it how 'babies' say "Adopt me, MEMBERS ONLY."

    And I can go ranting forever until Spikes are the RIM.

    ~Cotton, Who believes in Equality for all

    1. So... that means you can rant forever? Just not during spelling tests, please! And, more importantly, dont rant without ME! lol

  7. lol like that funny oh can u do a story contest?please?

  8. Hmm... i dunno what i woiuld do for the new homepage.Maybe Mira and Zios ruling Jamaa? Oh, i know! a picture of all the alphas aroung the Mira statue in Jamaa Township! Ugh, i dont know!

  9. Cloud do you have a deviant ART?


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