Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Egyptian Rug

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item is the Egyptian Rug. c:
Im sorta starting to get bored of these Egyptian items. :T
The rug is still nice though. :3 
Kind of simple though. :p
And it's really cool how there have been three nonmember items in a row. :D
Anywho, here's the DE post! c:
Whoa! Pawsome! ^-^
Sadly, i don't have enough time to read all that. DX
Anywho, it's cute GIF time!
Chubby Rolling Raccoon Is Boss [video]

Cute! ^o^
Sadly that's all the time i have for today . . school is really tiring. :T
I need a holiday.
I promise i'll do more interesting posts soon though! Bye!


  1. I like the Egyptian stuff, but adding "Egyptian" to everything kinda gets boring. I think the Egyptian Rug would've sounded better as "Hieroglyph Rug" or something like that

    1. Agreed. ^o^
      Maybe that's why im getting bored . . >.<


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