Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stone Sink

Hello. c:
Where's the new item?
*Did you check Epic Wonders?* yes.
*Have you checked the underwater shops?* yes.
Oh wait. Found it. xD
Yaaay stone sink. :3
The white towel comes in lots of different colors. ^-^
I like it, but it's too bulky for me. o-o
It looks more like wood. :p
I wonder if any water comes out of it if i click it . . 
 Water :D
Anywho . . has anyone noticed there's a huge amount of unreleased but amazing items in Jam-Mart Furniture? :3
All of them would make amazing items.Especially those couches and those pile of pillows and that vase and . . Well, pretty much every item. xD
On the other hand, here's a guide for the AJ birthday party. :D
So basically you walk around some giant cake.
This is the shop. ^o^
And this is the top of the cake. :3
The party seems to take place in . . 
Which brings us to the QOTP . . 
Where is this "icecream land" located in Jamaa? How do we get there?
Happy Jamming! :3


  1. idk the party it kinda reminds me of the wooden set this reminds me of the tree sink mybe they'll make a stone chest and stone table and stone chairs i was'nt in the beta times i started this yr so etc ya OH plz plz plz plzzzzzzz ask me about alaska im bord with my computerrrr

  2. This cake land is located in Cakelandia and you get there by a portal sorry, thats all i have by brain is tired after another day at school

  3. Duchess Grandpuppy24 September 2014 at 13:28

    I bet the next item in Kimbara Outback is going to be a Stone Refrigerator

  4. i have a question about clans and stuff (witch you should totally make a page about like how to dress and act) why do kitty-pets seem so weak to clans like at my school (rogers park) my and my friends play warriors and my friend is a kitty-pet and she made a qote "i may be a kitty-pet but i know how to fight." love her attatudie bye for now :)

  5. That sink is cute! :3 Anyway, i have: A THEORY. Its about Ice Cream Paradise. There is a super- duper-uber secret portal, supposedly in Crystal Sands, that when clicked on with bring you to Ice Cream Paradise.However, the portals whereabouts are unknown.


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