Sunday, 14 September 2014


Hello! :3
The new item is the Egyptian Sphinx - another of those egyptian den items. c:
I have been waiting FOREVER for these to come out . . o-o
They're one of my top 3 favorite egyptian items. :3
But putting "egyptian" in front of everything isn't really necessary, this could have just been called the Lion Sphinx or just Sphinx. ^-^
Or maybe it's a tiger? 

Meh. I guess it's a lion. :p
I think it's one of the last items of the egyptian set. :3
Check below the link for more!

DE post. :T
I missed it. DX
Why do i always miss stuff. >.<
Who cares im gonna dress of anyway. xD
Yeyyy :D
Now about cupcakes . . do you think that later this week  i should throw a AJ birthday party in my den? :3
Anywho . . anyone notice that the freedom plushies are still here? o-o
And are the only ones remaining although freedom day was months ago . . 
Weird. O_O
Sadly, that's all for today. Bye! >w<


  1. Yay should ahve an aj bday but make it on the weekend

  2. I agree! That would be really cool. And the freedom plush thing is crazy.
    And the Sphinx is probably the last item of Egypt.Anywho, I CANT WAIT FOR THE FUR SALON!!!

    -chococat525, the funny hairdo lover ROFL

  3. I agree with a party :D but.... If it's early, then I can't come :(

  4. AJHQ, no
    AJHQ, stahp
    Nooooo more Egyptian in front of everything
    Oh yeah, the front of the Sphinx can't be a lion, 'cause if it was, it would be a lion, not a Sphinx :3


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