Saturday, 20 September 2014

Bayan Tree.. o-o

Hello! ^o^
No the new item is not the Ruby Necklace which unfortunately means im not a fortune teller. ;-;
There's this more awesomer thing sold in Treetop Gardens though.
Wow, o-o
So much roots and uhh . . i forgot what those root - like thingies hanging from the branches where called.
Definitely buying these even though it's 500 gems. :D
I was not expecting this to be so massive. :O
Speaking of bayan trees . . Did you know bridges can be made from them? :O
Amazing, isn't it? And they are actually stronger than ordinary bridges! :3
And suddenly im googling up images of weird trees.
Check below the link for more!
On the other hand, here's the DE post! ^o^
Im glad Pet Monkeys are back. c: 
I thiink they where to first Monthly Member gift to be released as a pet. :D
I think . . im not too sure.
For some reason, i don't really buy pets from the diamond shop unless i like them 99%. :T
I like monkeys 70%. :D
And in case you haven't seen - the party invitation!
It's tomorrow! :D Im so excited . . ^-^
I'll be busy designing my den especially for the party. :3
Lastly, here's the QOTP.
What do you think is a best pet, and why?
K, bye guys! :D


  1. You're probably thinking of vines.

    1. raccoooooooooooooooons cuz there so cute and small

  2. Trees yay!!! Wpw that tree is super big for 500 gems

  3. did the party end?

  4. oh it's on sunday DARN IT!

  5. The party is 9:00 am tomorrow at EASTERN Time Zone (I put eastern in caps so there is no misunderstandings)

  6. BANYAN TREEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! They my favorite!!!! Favorite pet? Gotta be an owl.

  7. I think the "droopy thingies" is moss.


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