Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Night Of The Phantoms

Hello. c:
The new item is, yup you guessed it - sold in the Diamond Shop and used to be a monthly member gift.
It's the returning Caged Phantom! :3
I like this phantom items. These are way better than the ones sold in the Adventure Base Camp . . those are too bulky and huge for me. :P
But . . sometimes i wonder - is keeping a phantom in a cage cruel or not? o-o
Speaking of Phantoms . . Jamaa Township has changed. TO ETERNAL DARKNESS! :O
Nah, not really. xD 
Just a month or two.
I have really missed the Night Of The Phantoms. :3
Check below the link for more!

But definitely not the horrid king phantom statue. DX
 I want Mira. ;-;
But i do like the Phantom Vortex though. :3
In we go . .
Since i haven't played Phantoms in a long while, i just totally forgot about it. xD
It was hard, but i eventually got the prize. c:
Ooh nice. :D
It's better that it isn't a phantom statue this time. ^-^
Anywho, abandoning the subject of phantoms, time for the Item Feature on Sewing Machines! :3
Sewing machine 
Sewing machines exist on AJ?!
Yup, they do. They where formerly sold in Coral Corner and was released in March, 2011. This "beta" was uncommon and went extinct in Jamaa quickly - you cannot get one my trade or gifting now-days.
Okay jammers, sadly i don't have more time. :c


  1. i've seen sewing machines around!

  2. Yay, night of the phantoms! I remember when I started aj, night of the phantoms was much better than the summer carnival. I need my membership back!!!!!! Oh well. I can still do the scariest costume. FMAN122! ):3

    1. Oh yea and I forgot to sign, XD
      - rainbowdash95271

  3. When you said Eternal Darkness i immeditly thought of My Little Pony with Nightmare Moon

  4. I got hit in the eye with an acorn at school today! YAY!

  5. Today at my school i ran into the wall xD

    No offensive

  6. Coral Corners? Is that like the old Epic Wonders?

  7. Coral Corner is where the den shop is right now in Coral Canyons. Honestly though, i wish Coral Corner stayed . . The den shop now there is useless. ;-;

  8. Huh? Coral Corner? Is that like an old shop where there were plants? I didn't play Beta, I was weird but I knew about it I played a game called PetPetPark. C:


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