Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Graham Portrait

Hey! ^o^
The new item is the Graham Portrait. c:
Is it just me or are these portraits getting more detailed? :T
I thought Graham's one would have more of a "steampunk" theme, put those gems still look awesome owo
I wonder what Greely's one will look like. For some reason when AJHQ releases alpha related stuff i always wonder what greely will look like. o-o
Maybe cause he's the most interesting Alpha. xD
On the other hand, here's the DE post on the paradise couch! ^o^
What happened to the fun facts? DX
AJHQ could have included some fun facts about the paradise birds . . ;-;
I mean, they're just AMAZING . . 
Their feathers
So smooth
They look like majestic fantasy creatures . . 
Anywho - time for the Mystery Of The Post! c:
Graham, the Monkey Alpha wears a key around his tail almost at all times, however it's unknown where this key leads or why it's so important. Perhaps it's the Alpha Meeting place.. however i think it's something much more important. What do you think?
That's all i have for now! Sorry if the post was uninteresting but i gotta go D:


  1. umm... Is anyone on?

  2. Hi! I'm on! That key............. i wonder if ajhq does these mysteries on purpose or we just randomly find them as mysteries. XD

  3. The portrait is still creepy but not that bad. Yep, I bought those couches yesterday, They look beautiful because of those birds you see in the Paradise Party. I love their feathers, it would be a great sight if I saw them in real life. I'll make a story now. :3


    1. Alright, here's my story:

      Graham, the Monkey Alpha is an inventor. He finds numerous ideas with his small but smart brain of his. However, his inventions are not free to use for Jammers most of the time. He uses a key to turn his machines on or off. The reason why he does this was from a long time ago. When Graham invented the hot cocoa machine long time ago, no one uses these machines in their dens because they're a work in progress and are meant to be only in Mt. Shiveer. One day, Peck used it by herself but confused with the machine and a troublemaker herself, she accidentally broke the invention and it made a mess full of cocoa all over the hot cocoa hut which Graham had to start the machine all over. He knew that when an invention is broken, the invention can be dangerous and turn from useful to chaotic. Graham decided to turn on or off his machines with his key depending if they need to be fixed or completed. Each of his inventions have a lock behind them which is where Graham puts his key in. So during his fixing or engineering for the machine, no one will use it until the invention is complete. People say that Graham also uses the key for the trapdoor in the Chamber of Knowledge since that's his home. People think that down in the trapdoor is where Graham makes inventions and finds ideas with upcoming things. They also believe that it's where Alpha history and meeting area is but Graham and the Alphas wanted it as a secret.

      To this day, Graham still uses his key for these things. Unlike the Alphas, he is really careful with what he does. He doesn't trust Peck since she bothers Graham too much with machines and that she says that inventing paintings and sculptures are easier, but Graham also finds engineering very important and that it will make all the Jammers' lives easier.

      I hope you enjoyed it! ^.^


  4. The thing in the Departement of mysteries the won that goes down and u cant get in I think below there is where he lives and it is locked so he needs a key
    Credit goes to http://comicblumonkey.blogspot.com/ By:Scooter (Chocolate4050) Author of the Animal Jam Sky Blog (AJSB)



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