Saturday, 6 September 2014

Papyrus Scrolls and other things

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item is the Egyptian Hat. c:
The first Egyptian clothing item to be sold! :D
It might look a little awkward just hanging around in the store, but it looks adorable on animals. ^o^
Especially on otters. x3
Don't you think AJ should let us try new items before buying? That would help tons . . ever brought and item, tried it on and then thought: "err i actually don't want it anymore . . o-o" *clicks recycle button*
It happens lots . . :p
Yesterday's new item was the Papyrus Scrolls! ^o^
They look really mysterious. :o
Also, it's nonmember! Yay! :D
I wonder what it says on the scrolls though . . ?
I might buy this item. ^o^
Anywho, here's the DE post! :D
They're so cute! =^.^=
But nothing really cool happens when they go for a pet wash. :T
Well, perhaps they sparkle a bit more . . :p
Speaking of DE posts, the emotes in the comments have . . changed?
They're really small . . i guess it's a glitch or something. o-o
I hope AJ changes them back to the normal ones soon!
Okay, that's all i have for today! Bye jammers! :3


  1. Cottoncandygal11257AJ6 September 2014 at 08:00

    :D awesome!
    I really love that hat on otters! I'm totally getting one!

    Also, I noticed if you click one of the scrolls, you will receive a Mangifyng glass beside you! ^_^

    And Your idea of trying it on would be PAWSOME!
    And a real money saver 030

    ~Cotton, who wants to become the next Animal Jam Cheapskate

  2. Lol, I'n in the 2nd comment?! Dis is messed up.
    The scrolls look cool, and the hat is weird XD
    Wonder if the app Cloud said might come out will come out?
    I already have Jump & Tunnel Town

  3. Ya when isnThe mobile app coming out

  4. The magnifying glass is right next to your eyes, so u can look through it! You can, actually, look through it. :D


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