Monday, 22 September 2014

Rare Beard

Hey! :D
It's Monday today, so you know what it's time for.
The new rare! ^-^
Is it just me or does this rare just seem "sudden"? o-o
By that, AJHQ just suddenly recolored a beard for no actual reason.
Shouldn't it be something related to what's going on in Jamaa? Like a birthday-cake rare thingy or something. :3
But AJHQ suddenly comes up with this. o-o
Rating time! ^-^
Color: 2/5
Creativity: 1/5
Price: 2/5
5 out of 15. :I
Check below the link for more!
Here's the DE post! c:
 How that tiger is shaking his bottom though. o_o
In this DE post there isn't really a reason why AJ would suddenly release this rare. And the Brady Barr stuff is unreleated soo yeah. xD
Anywho, a fun QOTP for you all. :D
 Do you think there will be other Land Adventures after the last one?
If there are, then what happens next? Do they capture another Alpha? Perhaps an entirely new plan?
Happy jamming! :3


  1. I think there might be a new adventure or something!

  2. I think the new land adventure will be the T.B.A. adventure!

  3. Yeah, i think that TBA thing is the next update! Anyway, when Cottoncandygal comments, be prepared! She is going to FLIP. Beards are her most favorite item in Jamaa.

    Best Wishes, Chococat

  4. The beard is very random, like a recolored version of the other rare beard! Also if you make author tryouts, I might tryout x3!

  5. I really really hope that the next update is a nonmember adventure


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