Friday, 5 September 2014

How Tavie Got Captured

Hey! ^o^
Since i haven't done a story in a long time, i decided that im gonna do one about how Tavie got captured. c:

Chapter One

The sun filtered through the long green kelp surrounding the cave entrance.
Tavie's tail fin twitched. She opened an eye and let out a massive yawn. "Nice day today.." She thought. Perfect for a little swim and exploring. 

She got out of her bed, and grabbed her prosthetic tailfin with her flipper and popped it on. She swayed her tail back and fourth to test it. It seemed to be working fine, but let out a loud creeeaaak.

"My fin is getting old . . Graham said he'll give me a new one just at noon." Tavie thought.
"It's ages since noon though . . what about some nice breakfast and a swim?" 
Chapter two
The "little"  swim turned out to be a very big swim. 

Tavie dived deeper and deeper. 
"It's so fun exploring the deep!" She happily thought, unaware of how much danger she was in.

Tavie stopped to admire the jellyfish. She knew they weren't poisonous, and also looked quite nice floating in the ocean.

Suddenly, she smelt something odd . . Something which smelt like oil. . 

A thick, black, oily substance was beginning to surround her. She stayed  frozen with fear - the jellyfish might have not been harmful but this "oily" thing was. Tavie looked for a way out, but it was everywhere. 
Tavie waited for the oil to clear . .

And waited . . 

Chapter Three

Suddenly, phantoms shot out from nowhere. Tavie screamed both in fear and surprise. The black, tentacled creatures covered her in a net. "Hey! Let me out!" She shouted.

The phantoms stood strong, firming their grip. Tavie wriggled and wriggled, and suddenly with a loud CLANK! her tail fin fell off, and flew straight through a gap in the net, one that Tavie had not seen before. "No! Now i cannot swim at all!" She exclaimed.

The phantoms took her away, even deeper down to the phantom factory . . 

What happens next?


  1. Poor Tavie! D;

    Is this story being continued, by the way?

    1. I don't think so. The story said "How Tavie got Captured", so I guess that's it.


    2. Oh. I thought so because it ended with "What happens next?" So that's why I thought that. So ya...

      I also love your stories too, Krazy. It's like you make one up every day! Cool! XD

  2. Good idea for a story. I make pretty good ideas and paths in my own stories. I'm hoping for another mystery soon! :D


  3. awesome! by the way if u want the update there are non-member scrolls in furniture. :D


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