Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Cat statues and owls

Hey! ^o^
I forgot to post yesterday! I must have fallen asleep. >.<
School has been really busy these days. DX
Anywho, the new item is the Egyptian Cat which is sold in Jam-Mart Furniture! ^o^
How could i miss this item?! I WUV CATS!
Look! Nonmember!
AJHQ should come up with a smaller but noticeable symbol for items that are member instead of that big one that wraps around the whole item. :I
To me though, this is one of the best items ever in a long while. xD
Buying this right now . . :P
Here's the Creature Feature on Horned Owls! :D

I love great horned owls! :D
I just pretty much love all owls. xD
Snow owls are my favorite. :3
Did you know that female snowy owls have grey markings while males are almost pure white? ^o^
Anywho, has anyone noticed all of Jamaa's water seem to come from here?
Actually, it comes beyond from there . . 
So now im just wondering, where does that lead to?
Anywho, i gotta go now jammers . . >.<


  1. literally bought three cat statues XD!

  2. Cottoncandygal11257AJ9 September 2014 at 16:46

    :D Awesome!
    Honestly, the cats are somewhat of a rip-off..
    They are really tiny ;T

    But they are awesome anyways!

    I hope AJHQ can add another land soon, maybe a land that connects to Jamma!

    ~cotton, who has plenty of ideas for lands

  3. cool i like elf owls do you read gardians of ga'hole it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! and plz ask qestions about alaska i am drowing in bordness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. btw i forgot i hope they make alaska there AND on the comment rules do you ban ppl from the blog or the comments just asking

  5. I hope that place will unlock soon!!!


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