Sunday, 28 September 2014

Pile Of Leaves and Rake

Hello! c:
Since Autumn is coming, today's item is the Pile Of Leaves and Rake sold in jam-Mart Furniture!
Nonmember yay :D
 A bit similar to the Pile Of Leaves . . o.o 
Scratch that, it's basically the same thing. With a rake of course. xD
Meh i liked it better without the rake. At least it's free :D
AJHQ seems to be making similar versions of items sold in stores. They seem to be runnng out of ideas, or perhaps they want to make better versions of the classic items? :3
Moving on to another subject, here's the DE post about . . stuff? :P
It's mainly about Diamonds. :3

 Is it just me or do phantoms seem to freak out when the Alphas use their staff thingies? o_o
But i am SUPER excited for the night of the phantoms. :3
Also, the diamond challenges are a neat idea because that means all jammers - nonmembers too have a chance of getting diamonds. ^_^

Lastly, here's the QOTP!
What are some cool facts about animals you know?
Bye! :3


  1. Phantoms hate light as proven by the Phantoms! Vortex game.

  2. DID YOU KNOW that margays can jump 18 feet straight in the air/

    ~ SuprisePie on a different computer

  3. Hey Cloudclaws! Did you know that moose have fur on their feet to keep them warm when they walk in snow? Anyways, I hope to see you around jamma and hang out sometimes, my username is esillysun if you want to meet up sometime! -esillysun :-)

  4. What IS the diamond challenge?

  5. ummm i think phantoms think somthing is gonna come out of the staff thinggy idk. i cool fact hmm thats hard ill have to go on goggle for that 1 lets see do do do do oh wait heres 1 i know peacock refurs to males peahen is female pefoul is evryone in that little world and peschick is well obviosly baby peafoul.and polar bear skin is black and there fur is really mostly see though but snow whitness reflects into it. :)


  6. This is no offense to u Cloudclaws but... In a time zone in the US They dont even see u post for the morning... and I know its like 10:00 pm ur time SO U CANT ESCAPE SAYING UR AT SCHOOL


    1. What? What do you mean im "escaping" saying im at school? Escape from what? I don't have a clue about what you're talking about.


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