Friday, 12 September 2014

Cosmo's Diamond Challenge

Hey! :D
The new item is . . yes, another of those Egyptian items.
Bleh im bored of these. :T
It's nice in general though. c:

But . . is it just me or do those items that have "golden" and "sparkly" stuff are always member, and the plainer ones are always nonmember?
Sort of unfair. >.<
At least the cat statues are nonmember. ^-^
Anywho, have you heard of Cosmo's diamond challenge? :D
I don't know any plant fact. DX
Come on . . think . . thiiink
Im so dumb. ;-;
Oh wait! I got one! :D
Did you know that when plants get damaged, they send a distress signal through air to warn other plants?
So plants can communicate.
On the other hand, to celebrate AJ's birthday let me show you this image of a really large cake. :D
AJ should make a cake like that.
So amazing. O_O
Lastly, i leave you with a very random question of the post. :P
Do you like green apples or red apples better?
It depends for me . . one month i like green apples then suddenly red. Its weird i know. xD
PS. That apple isn't photoshopped. O_O


  1. I like Green Apples better.


  2. I Like Green Ones..
    Red and Yellow are Disgustingly Sweet for me. c:

  3. I don't really know all apples make my throat itchy. I grow apples.

  4. Green Apples

  5. Red apples in my opinion



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