Monday, 15 September 2014

AJ Birthday Party!

Hallooooooo :p
The rare is the Seaweed Boa. :3
It looks similar to the default yellow colored boa. :I
It looks sorta silky though. :D
Perhaps it is made out of silk? C:
Probably . . since it's a rare item. x3
Here's the rating! :D
Price: 2/5
Creativity: 1/5
Color: 3/5
6 out of 15 . . not  really that . . impressive?
Oh well. I still wanna make a costume. xD
Extra point for ability to make great costumes. :P
Check below the link for more!
On the other hand, here's the DE post. c:
Yay! Another animal claw. :D
I <3 these. :3
A snow leopard claw would also be amazing. ^-^
I think this Thursday is the update . . im so excited! x3
Do you think there will be a new adventure? :D
I love it when new adventures come . . 

Now moving on to a subject that is 99% guaranteed to make you happy . . 
AJR will be having a birthday party! :D
Here's the invitation . . 
I made it an hour earlier so more of you can come. :D
The party will most likely last 30 minuets - and the den will also be specially designed for the party. ^-^
Lastly, i'll leave you all with the QOTP.
What do you think will be the next adventure to come to Jamaa? Make up one and explain how it works!
Okay, bye jammers! :3


  1. how about you have to reque sir gilbert from the phantom valcano!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am totaly coming to ur party im not rlly buying the boa to many gems though it is pretty

  2. forgot this

  3. I hope that it has Peck in it, and that it has something to do with de Phantom Fortress! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUNNNNNN.....

  4. Cottoncandygal1125715 September 2014 at 12:38


    I have to say, Here is an idea for an adventure.. (If it's good, can you give me a gift? LOL 030)

    The alphas are being captured by the King Phantom, to be created into phantom clones! The Alpha Phantoms are out to destroy Jamaa, and it's up to you and the alphas to save Jamaa!

    ~Cotton, who is infected with Cantstopwritingitis, a sickness of creativity

  5. Really? i never heard of cantstopwritingitis, notto mention its really long.
    And, im going to the party. And i think that you should sneak into the Phantom King's secret lair and check out his EVIL PLANS!

  6. The boa is, um, intresting
    and I probably can't go to the party, it just happens to be past my bed-time :(
    Oh well
    that Bunny though....

    1. It's past MY bedtime too, i made it 7 AM to be fair. c:
      Maybe just ask your parents if you can just stay up a bit later? About 10-20 mins. :3
      I'll be on earlier than usual though, so you can come at 6:45 AM AJR time. :)

  7. i cant maybe go to party because its night when you everyone have day.... :(


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