Thursday, 11 September 2014

Egyptian Couch

Hey! :P
The new item is . . yup, another Egyptian item.
The Egyptian items are really cool but eh, im starting to get bored of em. :T
I also seem to be running very low on gems. DX
I can always play mini-games though. Haven't played any of them for a while . . 
Since the Egyptian set is over, i guess the hair - *cough* Excuse me, FUR salon will be next. C:
You know . . the hair salon might be super human-y but it still might be nice . . ^-^
Anywho, did you know Aj has an album on Itunes?
Credit to the Animal Jam Community for informing and picture!
Amazing! :D
I love how Tavie is on the cover. ^o^
She must reaaally like music. x3
Lastly, has anyone noticed this . . thing? o-o
Look really closely at the darker clue and the stripes . . you can just see a dinosaur. A plesiosaur?
In case you can't see, i traced it in red.
I think dinosaurs used to live in Jamaa. :O
That's all i have for now! Bye jammers! ^o^


  1. Wouldn't it be awesome if dinosaurs came to jamaa? :O

  2. i got hacked and they took all my stuff and deleted it so 1 SHAME ON YOU! 2 i have like 9000000000000 gems and i got dimonds when i got my membership back so i have a otter a shuger glider and rainbow cloud and tail armour and all that and i changed my password


  4. Aww no gifs :( hope there's some tomorrow :)


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