Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Bag of gifts & huge creepy snowman

Hello! ^-^
So i changed the blog design to a Jamaaliday themed one. c:
What do you think of the new font on the header?

It's gift time again! :D
*clicks gift hoping it's something cute*
I already have it. *clicks decline* :c
It would be nice if you could actually SEE the gifts more, but most of it is just a plain white bag.
Also, Jamaa Township is all snowy and frosty again! ^.^
It's slightly different from last year. To start off with, there's way more decorations. I prefer snow better though. c:
Too many decorations just ruin the "wintery" feel . . well, for me anyway. :P

Unfortunately, there's also a huge creepy snowman! ;-;

^ Randomness xD

Anyway, still no new item today . -.-
(Have i checked Mt. Shiveer?!)
*checks Mt. Shiveer*
THERE it is! :D
The returning Jamaaliday Scarf. ^o^
I have been waiting for this to come out for so long so get a new color. xD
It's great that it's Nonmember, they hardly get anything to keep warm. ;-;
Now my winter costume is finished! :3
Im not gonna wear a jacket or anything like that though, it looks too poofy. xD
But it looks cute on foxes. :P
Isn't it annoying when hardly any items look good on a specific animal though? -.-
Nothing else to post about now. :T


  1. Wow great new blog look i love it!

    1. Same here! I love the icicles. The jamaaliday scarf is back!? I loveeeee that item!


  2. i love the new look! the font is "chiller" right? so appropriate :D i already have 2 jamaaliday scarves from a trade but i may have traded one away :( i love your blog, i check it every day before playing aj :)

    1. Chiller is a pretty cool font, and perfect for winter-themed stuff. :3

  3. The Jamaaliday scarfs are back?!? Yay! I always wanted one. I'm going to get one when I go on AJ :)

  4. Your final outfit is so cute/cool!!!!!!!!! I love jamaalidays!!!!!!!!!!

  5. it is nice that nonmembers are getting an item that looks cool!


  6. Erm... Hello? Cloudclaws? HELLO!? You forgot to post!!!

    Lol not mad though I probably would too.


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