Thursday, 18 December 2014

Pet foxes

Hello! ^o^
It's update day today! c:
To start off with, the BEST Jamaaliday gift is here. :3 (Not really part of the "update" but, whatever.)
Ever since i saw this on Mt. Shiveer, i was hoping it was gonna be a gift . . and, 
It IS a gift! :3 I also (sort of) told the future (again xD)
Im thirsty. Im just gonna drink water now.
Yay im back. :P
^ Why did i even mention that? :T
And now it's time for the UPDATE update! :D
Diamond shop. :I
Why does it always have to be in big CAPITAL letters?
The foxies are cute :3
Have you ever wondered why pets are miniature, even though they're still animals?
I have.
Time for the second page! :D
Uhm i think we already know that, AJHQ. :P
I just noticed this on one of my youtube videos.
Perfect timing! xD
Did i mention they have new login pages?
So epic and cute :D
And the 3rd page, which is about new items and stuff . . my shoulder hurts >.<
We already know that too AJHQ. :P

^ Had to let that out. :I WHYYYYY
Let's continue . . on to the fourth page  . . 
Yay! 2015! Im super excited :D
The new item is . . 
Very similar to the top hat. c:
Edit - i forgot loads of items in Jam-Mart furniture, so i'll post them now. :P
First up we have the Jamaaliday Street lantern! ^.^
I would have never imagined this to be in Jam-Mart furniture . . xD
It's a shame im running so low on gems these days. ;-;
That tiny wreath is adorable because it's tiny. :3
And then we have two new ornaments! :D
(Which are nonmember ^.^)
I love the paw ornament. :P
The spiral one looks slightly like toothpaste and candy canes mixed together. :3
I wonder if THAT'S candy cane . . i mean, it doesn't have candy cane in it's name does it?
IT IS CANDY CANE!! No wait, i think that's porcelain . . *spits out*
It would be lovely to have something that's actually candy cane. :I
Next up, there's two strand thingies. :P
And i don't even have 350 gems . . ;-;
And now it's time for one of my favorites, the Poinsettia Garland!
It looks so pretty and red. ^.^
Here's the other new items, since im tired of typing now. :P
WAAIT a second, is that real candy cane? It looks real . . *bites*
Nope, it's candy cane flavored plastic. :I
That wire reindeer is also one of my favorites. :3
Let's have a look in TreeTop gardens now! :D

And finally, the snowflake throne sold in Epic Wonders!
^ All of that took half an hour to post.
Also, here's a video of the update. :P


  1. The loading page looks a bit too white :3


  2. Also, there's the street lamp in the furniture...and lots more! I went crazy because I just bought an otter early in the morning! xD


  3. Cloud you forgot A LOT of stuff today, such as:
    9 items in Jam Mart Furniture
    1 item in Epic Wonders
    26 items in Treetop Gardens
    1 Den in the den shop
    Also here is a little tip:
    most of the topiaries in sarapia forest looks suprised.
    if you get the jamaaliday hedge ( first jamaaliday gift ) and put it to on of them, it will look like they get to open the gift. If you have more space, and quite a bit of hedges, you can get a lot of topiaries and put them there for a Christmas party!

    1. Ikr Dino! Jamaalidays are such an epic moment...:)


    2. O.O ummm i'll post them now..

  4. Omg one of my neighbors has 3 giant ornaments like those in her front yard. And I mean like HUGE ornaments!! Lol animal jam in real life XD

  5. Yay I can get my polar bear today!!!111_ pinkjay2


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