Sunday, 29 June 2014

Speedpaint + Other stuff

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Well, i searched every single shop and not a single new item to be found. :T
The DE hasn't posted either. Maybe it's in the Freedom Party, but i would have to stay up till 12 AM.
Soo, im just gonna be posting some other updates on AJ! ^-^
As many jammers have noticed, there seems to be a flashing light whenever you open your den inventory . . .
Credit to the AJS
Pretty odd, don't you think?
Maybe it means you have a new item or something, but i didn't buy any items. It's a bit distracting to be honest, what do you think it has got to do with though? 
Anywho, the Museum at Appondale seems to have also updated: 
Yay, hyenas! :D
There are some pretty cool facts there, like how hyenas are actually related to cats. Isn't that pawsome? :3
Oh yes, and i also forgot to mention another new item from the update - the Ocean Base Camp Music! C:
When the ocean adventure came out, i was surprised there where phantoms because i thought they only survived on land. I guess they are a bit like penguins though, i wounder if there's a limit to how much they'll survive underwater. ^.^
Sorry if this post is kinda boring . . :T
More of Greely's story will be coming tomorrow though. :D
Before i go, here's a random speedpaint of Silverstream! C:
Bai :P


  1. First! The flashing light is extremely annoying :/
    That's a good drawing of silver stream!


  2. Ooh, you use Photoshop CS6, just like me~

    If you want, I can give you some *super secret* hotkeys and tips to help when you draw. See the little box that says "Layers"? You can use that to draw on different layers to help when wanting to draw over or under something without effecting a different part of the image on a different layer. Quite useful, usually I make a layer for the background, then a layer for the sketch, then I sketch, then make a layer for line art and erase the sketch then begin coloring in, then I make a layer for shading and a layer for tint, then I do the background, and then I'm done! :D

    Oh, also, for some strange reason, Rare Item Monday is being celebrated today! The new item is the Freedom Fox Hat, I could e-mail you a screenshot of it if you want. :)

    1. Whoops, I mean the item is in the Freedom Party. Sorry!

    2. @Nebula,
      Im a bit new to photoshop, so i don't understand the layering much. I know how to do simpler stuff though. Thanks for the tip! :3
      And yes, you may email the RIM to me. ^.^

  3. Who's silverstrem? And that flashing thing happened to me too

  4. U read warriors? I've finished the main serieses and every now and then I try to do a clan I'm rooney625

    1. Yes, i do read warriors. ^.^
      Im up to The Dangerous Path now.

  5. Cloudclaws!!!!!!! What's the gadget called that lets u see who's viewing with u

    1. If you want the gadget on your blog, click the Who's reading with you?" gadget. After you clicked, it will take you to the website. Under the big font that says "DASHBOARD" There will be a tiny font saying "get started now!" Or something similar. There will be a code for the gadget, to add that simply go to "layout" Then click add a new gadget. Out of the "basic" section, click the one that says HTML/Java code or something similar and paste the code into the box.
      You can't get the gadget from Blogger by the way, copying and pasting the code is the only way.

      I hope this was helpful!

  6. I'm really happy that there's new music for underwater!


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