Friday, 27 June 2014

Greely's Story: Captured

Chapter two (continued) 

**a few hours later**
The sun was peeping out of the clouds and the bees where hopping on and off flowers gathering nectar.
It seemed like a pretty typical spring afternoon, but Greely could sense there was something wrong. It just didn't seem right. It felt like he was being watched.
He kept seeing blue flashes of light. He shook his head. "Whoever you are, come out!" Said Greely, trying to sound brave. He turned around. No one.
"Must be seeing things..." Thought Greely. 
Just then, a black flash of light came out of nowhere, and a net landed on him. 
"WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" He shrieked. A ray of lighting came out of the bushes and electrified him, knocking Greely unconscious.
The figure emerged out of the bushes and hovered above Greely's limp body. It was the phantom king.
"At last . . . I have found him!"
Chapter three
Greely opened his eyes slowly. He was lying down on a cold, stone floor, Purple, slimy bars surrounded him. He was in a dungeon. But he sensed something . . A thing he had never sensed before and yet it seemed familiar. A figure emerged out of the dark shadows. It was the phantom king again.
"Get away from me!" Greely screamed, he lunged at the king  but then realized his foot was tied to a chain. It was hopeless.
"Calm down pup, im not here to hurt you." He opened the bars. "I have gone a long way to find you. Pup you shall help us with your dark powers and.." He paused for a moment.
".. Destroy Jamaa."
"Whatever Jamaa is, im not gonna destroy anything. In fact, im not gonna do anything like that. Oh, can't i use my powers for something good for once?!" 
"Stupid pup.. he doesn't know who he's facing against." The king muttured under his breath. 
"Once i use my new memory-eraser machine, Jamaa will be nothing but history!!" He cackled.  There had to be a way to escape, there just had to!


  1. Yes first comment! Your story is super epic! Just gets better! greely bust be adorable as a pup though, don't u think?

  2. Flufffycybunny:i know lets HOPE that phantom king doesnt erase his memory that would be horrible greely would forget who he was and follow the phantom kings rules to DESTROY JAAMA!NOOOOO!

    from flufffycybunny!

    1. ikr? but... you know that's not true cause animal jam is still here ;D

  3. never knew the phantom king could talk.. xD


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