Thursday, 19 June 2014

Peck Tiki Statue

Hey jammers!
Well, the people that (roughly) guessed correctly where Rubbuddy1 and Royalfeather! :D
Yep, that's right. A brand new Journey Book Guide will be coming to the AJR ^.^
Rubbuddy1 and Royalfeather will be receiving their prizes tomorrow. :3
On the other hand, the new item is the Peck Tiki STatue! c:
Ahh good old Peck, my favorite Alpha. ^.^
Well, i guess next in line is Greely's statue which does not suit his personality at ALL, but still looks neat. x3
What do you think about these Tiki Statues? :D
Weird? Cool? Or are you neutral about them?
Anywho, here's the News Crew Article winner! ^_^
Grammar and punctuation could have been better, but there's something about this person's writing style that i  a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y.l.o.v.e.
So um yeah . . . There's nothing else new going around in Jamaa, so i guess thats the end of the post. :c
But to make things more interesting, here's the Question of the Post!
What subject in school are you best at, and why?
Art. It has to be art. And writing stories. ^.^
See ya! :D


  1. I think that these statues are really creepy, you will never see these statues in my den!

  2. Math I just always been started learning money at 2


  3. Ya, I agree on the tiki statues though in my Ocean Den I made two look.. Cooler. -.- DONT JUDGE
    As always,


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