Friday, 20 June 2014

New Journey Book Guide Page + Another tiki statue

Hey everyone! ^o^
Well, today's new item is the Greely Tiki Statue:
I like the playfulness of this statue, but i have a feeling that Greely didn't like it so he threw it away. o-o
Haha, i still love Greely though. He's my 2nd favorite Alpha. :D
Onto some much more exciting news, a brand new claw is available at the Diamond Shop! ^.^
It's similar to the regular monthly member claw, except it only has wolves! :3
I think this is a great idea if you're building a plushie collection of wolves, and who knows? You might even collect a few rare ones along the way. ^.^
I wonder if AJHQ will make more of these. A Phantom plushie claw perhaps? C:
Anyway, here's the DE post!
Fun Fact: Coral isn't a plant, it's actually a type of animal. :3

On the other hand, are you having trouble with your journey book? Well, you're in luck because the guide is finally up and running! c:
It only has two tutorials at the moment, but a few more will come tomorrow so why don't you check it out today? :3


  1. Royalfeather Not Logged In20 June 2014 at 11:11

    Hi Cloud! I'm excited that I won yesterday but I sort of switched accounts. I'm using my backup account right now, pikasong.

  2. That Greely Tiki Statue! :p. Yup, looks playful and, did anyone notice: not only does Greely's teeth are gritted, but his tongue is also stuck out c: .

    Anyway, that Wolf Claw is clever, and just chills me! I wish I could buy one, but I have four diamonds - if I buy one, I'll only have one. So, apparently, I am saving some diamonds.

    And, I never knew corals were a type of animal - I thought they were actually a plant underwater 0-0.



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