Friday, 6 June 2014

Vine Lamp

Heya jammers! x3
Welcome to yet, another post on the AJR. :3
Today's item is another vine themed item, which is the Vine Lamp!
Credit to Scooter.
I love it that AJHQ is getting into Jamaasian items after so many human-y ones. ^.^
It looks clawtastic in bedrooms, doesn't it? :D 
Let's ask Juniper what he thinks! :3
Urrm i guess i'll take that as a yes. 
You know what Jam-Mart furniture is missing?
A bed.
\Beds are really important ... So are toilets. Why could AJHQ come up with toilets instead of reindeer droppings? >_<
Well, on the other hand here's the DE post about Lemurs:
Wouldn't it be pawsome if lemurs came to Jamaa? ^_^
What would be really cool for me is if bears or squirrels came to AJ. :D
What new animal would you like to see? c:
To wrap things up, here's the Question Of The Post!
What's your favorite clothing item on AJ?
Mine are antlers or headdresses. 
See you tomorrow! :D


  1. Lemurs coming to Jamaa would be awesome. :D
    There are problems with bears and squirrels.... bears might be used for fights or violence, while squirrels will be hunt down as prey by AJ roleplayers. But, just thinking about a squirrel coming to AJ would be cute! And maybe a bear cub, too! ^_^

    My favorite clothing items are rare bow and arrows, mech helmets, and fox hats! XD


  2. I think my very favorite clothing item on Animal Jam would have to be the head flower, because I think it's cute, pretty, and goes well with everything.

  3. ALERT!!!!! CLOUDCLAWS!! SCOOTER A.K.A. chocolate4050 COPIED YOUR IDEA FOR THE ANIMALS OF JAMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Meowcats1228 (I lefted his blog.....)

    1. @Meowcats,
      I don't really think that's copying.
      Tons of blogs have an Animal page .. Each animal page is unique with different information.

  4. Yay I love the vine items! Very jamaasian!

  5. Animal Jam HQ is really becoming Jamaasian! You are so right, Cloudclaws ;-D! Keep it up, Animal Jam HQ! :-D

    Umm, Cloudclaws... I think Juniper is going crazy. Because he saw a den full of Vine Lamps, and then he started biting them o.0!

    Ahh, yes! A bed, perhaps. We only have couches >.:3.

    Anyway, it seems that lemurs like insects - and are HERBIVORES. I never heard of a "veggie-eater", anyway! Braddy's right, actually - nice question :p.

    By the way, I sent an email to Animal Jam HQ to ask them if seagulls and lemurs can come to Jamaa, gem-bought and is for all Jammers :-D! They replied to me, saying they love hearing from Jammers - especially if they have an idea to add special touchings to Jamaa. They said that they are happy that we will improve Jamaa in the future :-D!

    Hmm, what animal I want to see...? I would like to see, NOT creepy spiders, and "Maya Birds" :-).

    And what's my favorite clothing? Hmm...? The Moon Hat. It looks perfect on bunnies :-D!



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