Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Greely's story: where it all started

Hey guys!
So i know i already have a story about Greely, but i have decided to write a new one. Don't worry though - the old one will still be there! ^.^

Prologue: Attack of the phantoms
Fear and confusion filled the air. Phantoms where surrounding the camp like a thick, heavy, clinging fog.
Within all the panic and clatter, one female wolf was still stuck in the nursery. She was looking around, dazed and confused, having no idea where to go.
"TALA WATCH OUT!" Shrieked a voice.
Tala tilted her head in a flash but it was too late - a phantom struck her in the belly.

Tala collapsed in pain, wimpering.
Every single wolf was running for safety, but the male wolf didn't follow. Instead, he ran for her - dodging and bumping into wolves as he ran desperately.
"Tala! Are you ok?" The wolf said.
She didn't respond.

Chapter one: The birth of the new Alpha Male
Wolves where gathered around the Silver Hill, chattering and murmuring.
The day was sunny, with a soft, welcoming breeze that filled the air. 
The Alpha Male walked out of the den, the sunbeams on his rusty-red fur made him glow like fire.
"Look!" A wolf whispered.
The wolves turned their heads and stopped chattering. It was time for the new, future Alpha to be announced.
"Wolves of the Misty Timberland pack, the time has come for me to present you the future leader." He begun.
"I shall present to you - Greely!"

A small, thin pup stepped out in front.
Tala, the Alpha Female came out of her den and joined in with the Alpha Male.
Her smile suddenly faded into a a frown, and her eyes turned cold and expressionless. She could have sworn she saw a purple, swirled birthmark on his chest - the mark of the Phantoms.
She shook her head is disbelief.
The mark on Greely.
More of chapter one will be coming tomorrow!


  1. i love the story so far! Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome story!! I can't wait for the next chapter!
    Hmm i wounder what will happen to Greely..

  3. Cool story bro! It kind of reminds me of Wolves of the Beyond!

  4. Flufffycybunny:wow i think i know why greely has the phantom mark!BECAUSE...he got strucked by a phantom when he was in tala's tummy!thats why that has to be why!

    from flufffycybunny!


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