Monday, 30 June 2014

Freedom Party!

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Well, Monday seems to be coming up which means it's time for the RIM! :3
It's the nonmember Freedom tie, sold in jam-mart clothing! :D
Im happy to see a nonmember rare for once although i think 550 gems is a bit too expensive for this.
It would look neat with a freedom hat though. ^.^
I already have my giraffe dressed up for the Freedom Party! C:
Haha, what do you think? :P
Speaking of the freedom party, i was FINALLY be able to visit it! :D
It's pretty much almost the same as last year, but there are some cool items in store! ^-^
My favorites are the freedom fox hat and the racoon hat, what are yours?
And these are of course, some random fireworks. XD
Moar fireworks! 
Haha, what do you think about the Freedom party jammers?
P.S Raffle! Select a number between 1 and 50.
P.P.S If you want your art to be on the art blog, then simply send your artwork to!


  1. Umm... Is it like a lucky draw or something? If so, 25!

    It's 50÷2=25

    Jam on

  2. I think AJ copied the white fox hat, and replaced it with the freedom fox hat, now I feel sad cause of it. >.< I hate freedom fox hats..
    -711bebeblue =( ' . ' )=

  3. I think its sorta nice that people that want fox hats can buy them now but fox hats still keep their rarity at the same time ^-^

    1. Oh ya, my number's 11 ^-^

  4. Nice outfit! I pick the number: 18 for the raffle! Thanks!


  5. I love the freedom fox hats because i have always wanted a fox hat. :)
    It's cool how AJHQ is bringing back rares without taking their actual rarity away.

  6. My number shall be 13 o3o
    I wuv this number o3o
    Cuz it always brings meh both bad and good XD

  7. 49! I like how they have a firework show in there, and then you can make your own with the bought ones! :D That's a fun idea to do a raffle!

    well, hello! I am a new visitor to your blog, hee hee. :)


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