Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Crystal dens are epic.

No story today, sorry!
The winner of the raffle was Anonymous, congrats! The number was 29. More of Greely's story will be coming tomorrow!
Hey guys! ^.^
A brand new month had started, which means it's time for a new birthstone - The ruby!
I love rubies, they're so bright and red. ^-^
Ever noticed how each birthstone is a different shape? What do you think the shapes have to do with the birthstones? c:
Well on the other hand, i FINALLY got a crystal palace!! There's so many places to explore! x3
The alpha statues are really epic. <3
Wow, i just also noticed it looks like Peck wants a hug with her arms open like that. XD
And the underground cave? Epicly neat touch.
Haha, silly Little. XD
And earlier today, i also discovered there was a small boat that you could sit on! 
 Now i have my very own boat! Yay! :D
It would be even cooler if you actually could ride it. :P
I also love the Mira Emblem..
It looks so pretty. <3
I love that the den has lots to do with Jamaa's culture, what do you think they could actually mean? Who built the Crystal palace in the first place? :)
Weekly Question: Have you discovered other cool places hidden in the new den? Share you ideas in the comments!
Bai! :D
P.S: Art blog has been updated! Click here to see!


  1. woww totally Epic den! Congrats :))
    I would like to be member so bad ;// cuz that den looks amazing and much more interesting suff come like eagle!
    Anyway have fun in urr new den and great post :))

  2. Free animaljam membership!!! TOTALLY WORKS!! I'M SOOO HAPPY NOW!!!

  3. Yay I won and sorry I was to lazy to put my name.
    Also because I thought I was gonna lose


  5. In the Crystal Palace, there is an island on the bottom right corner, and on the top left corner there is a mountain cliff hideout :)

    --Scooter (Animal Jam Sky Blog)

  6. I luv the crystal palace den! It's so cool but i always end up getting lost in it :l any ways it's really useful while being an eagle in there so you can fly over everything!



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