Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Circular Chair

Hiya jammers! ^.^
The new item is the Circular Chair sold in Jam-Mart clothing. :3
Although a tad bit human-y, this item is pretty cool. :D
Nice how it comes in stripes. A good item compared to the last few days . . . o.O
Circular chairs are so comfy. o3o
I just had an idea . . What if AJHQ made their own chair design? Like not copying off daily items but 
a completely different design. I think it would turn out pawsome! ^o^
On the other hand, here's the DE post about the RIM. :3
At least those are some pawsome facts there. :D
And nautiluses look cool. o3o
Lol their shell seems so soft underwater. :P
Anywho, since many new lands have come out, im wondering what AJHQ will do to fit the lands.
I think AJHQ might do scrolling maps, but they might also do one which shows the whole of Jamaa as a land. What do you think? ^-^
Anywho, here's the Question Of The Post!
If you where to pick which animal to release next on Animal Jam, what would you pick?
Bye guys! :3 
And remember to play wild!


  1. I think I would like for an ocelot or a peacock to come out!

  2. i would pick flying birds for non members, such as an owl or falcons because i think non members should be able to play the forgotten desert and get more stuffs for their collections and they should be able to go to that store in the sky and buy stuffs from there, and they should be able to fly and discover new parts of Jamaa.. ; )
    P.S Did you notice that in the store in the sky, the rack of plain non rare clothing is for everyone, but the rack of RARE items is MEMBERS ONLY

  3. I would pick a hippo, they are super cool and stronger than crocodiles but I have many others like platipi (did I spell it correctly?) and armadillos

  4. The new circular chair is cool, but I agree that it is very human-y. If I could pick the next new animal for AJ to release, I would pick owls!! Owls are so cute and fun, and it would be nice to have another type of flying animals on Animal Jam.

    1. i agree and the owls should be for all jammers
      -purrclaws : )

  5. i would pick either a domestic cat or leapord. non member and not in diamond shop. I have all but TWO diamond shop animals

  6. Armadillo!!!!!


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