Friday, 4 July 2014

The fourth of July is officially here!

More of Greely's story might be coming tomorrow..!

Hiya jammers!
Today's item is the patched chair which is sold in Outback imports!
Well i guess this is quite surprising since we don't have much items in Outback imports. ^_^
I also like this item. The patches actually look nice. x3
But one question though. 
Why make a patched rug, make it nonmember, wait a few months and come up with a patched chair but make it MEMBER?
Honestly. :I
And yes, it's that frustrating to me.
Well on the other hand, we all know that AJHQ hasn't made a normal land adventure for a while, so where do you think the new adventure might be?
In this cave?
Behind the crystals?
Or even behind the arch?
What do you think, and what happens in the next adventure? Do the alphas capture almost all the Alphas?
I can't wait to read all your pawsome ideas! ^.^
Before i go, i just wanna say . . .


  1. Hey!!! First i wana say I love that way how you post!!! <33
    i think that new adventure could be in that cave!!! mmm looks interesting!!!
    I agree with you that pached chair schould be for nonmembs too! ;/// that not fair Aj!! ;//

    1. Thanks! <3
      I agree, that cave should be interesting. :3

  2. Happy Fourth Of July everyone!!!!!!!! :D

    I totally agree! Both patched items should be non-member. BAD AJHQ >:U SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Throws a huge chair at them-. I think the new adventure might come out in the crystal area, or behind the arch because they've been there a long time, surely AJHQ HAS to use them.


  3. I'm really excited for the crystal adventure! It seems like it would be pretty cool!

    1. Yep. Maybe we go on a underground cave full of crystals. :)

  4. Ermagesh crystal adventure?!?
    You need to send the idea to AJ :D
    I thinkprobably we get to meetSir Gilbert in the cave thing XD OR PECK X3

  5. Lol I used to blog like this until I messed it up....I accidentally deleted the photos and they're all gone plus I never blog it everyday IM busy -.-"
    But I made a new one its a plushie blg that I feel easier ^-^"

  6. Hey cloudclaws! Could u please delete my old accounts from the top comments plz?


    1. Sorry, but it isn't possible to do that! Don't worry, it will dissapear off on it's own :)


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