Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Terrace Chair + AJ mobile app sneak-peak

Three cheers to coolpapa70232 for winning yesterday's mini contest!
Hiya jammers! ^-^
Today's item is the terrace chair sold in the Furniture Shop! c:
The turned-around version is useful if you're gonna put four chairs around the table.
It's similar to the Green Lawn Chair, but the checkered design matches more with the terrace table. ^o^
Purrfect match! x3
AJHQ should make food to go along with the set. Yus, French fries. :D
But i suppose we could do with the fruit bowl for now. :P
But are waffles better, pancakes or french fries? >:3
Well anywho, you may have heard about the new mini AJ app that's going to be released soon!
If you haven't, it's basically almost the same thing as AJ but you play on a phone. 
Here's a pawsome preview! ^o^
Credit goes to the AJ sunshine blog.
Pawsome. It's like the beta days! And i love that you get to see Jamaa from a new perspective! 
The way you can see the forests in the background. . . so cool. 
I would want to get this on my phone, what about you? ^o^
Question of the post
The freedom party is a great place to hang out, but i think it should have a few more things to do.
What would you like to see? Maybe new mini-games?
Share your fantastic ideas in the comments!
Well that's all for today. Happy jamming! ^o^


  1. First! Also did you know that tomorrow is the update is tomorrow and the crystal palace den has a limited amount of items, I agree there should be more mini games. ^-^

    1. Congrats on first comment!
      I wonder what the new update will be about. Any ideas? ^.^

    2. I hope it's a new party, or maybe a lot of new beta items? I have noticed that a lot of items are going soon.

  2. nyaaaaa I wanna play that aj app but I don't have an iphone.:(
    and I was just thinking the freedom party was boring too, haha.
    Waffles all the way!! unlike pancakes, they have built-in syrup cups. :)

    1. The AJ App might be out for Android and other devices soon, like Tunnel Town so don't worry. :)
      And waffles are delicious! But if you asked me, i think i would go for french fries. ^o^

  3. Cant wait for le game :D
    Dont have to use the com all the time too ^-^

  4. my mom thinks i spend too much time on the computer. so there's a VERY VERY small chance i'm going to get the app

  5. I hope they make the computer version just like the mobile one there! I LOVE the models >w<


  6. I asked AJHQ and they said at july 24th 2014 :)

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