Sunday, 6 July 2014

Quilted Blanket

Hiya jammers! ^.^
I finally finished Greely's story! Don't worry though, i will be starting and completing tons of stories these days, so be sure to check back in! :D
Well, today's new item is the Quilted Blanket. c:
Haha, now me and my fellow southern hemisphere friends can celebrate the winter spirit! :D
(It's winter here. Derp. o3o)
You know, it's a bit like the old blanket except it's more patchy. I like the patches though, they look arty. :3
And the best thing is that nonmembers can finally have another item to keep them all warm and comfy! I hope AJHQ can up up with some patched, nonmember winter shoes. ^.^
On the other hand, here's the DE post!
Yay science! :D
I think science is awesome. :P
Hmm . . I can't really think about a crystal i can see everyday. What about you? ^o^
Sadly, that's all for today since i have very little time. Here's a fun mini-contest though!
Comment on the location of this item!
Cya later. ^_^


  1. Outback Imports


  2. finally ajhq gives something to the southern hemisphere-ers.
    also that chair's in outback imports
    Rubbuddy1 Too rushed to log in

  3. ^ ^
    freaky random cat face

  4. Chair world :DDDDD


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