Monday, 7 July 2014

Rare Samurai Helmet

Hiya jammers! ^-^
I guess everyone won the previous mini-contest, so congrats to Rubbuddy and Coolpapa! c:
The RIM is the Samurai Helmet sold in Jam-Mart clothing!
Haha, i always have seemed to love Samurai Helmets on AJ for some reason. ^o^
And i never thought that dark blue-purple and white look so good together! Im hoping AJHQ will come up with rare samurai swords soon so we can make a rare samurai costume. ^.^
Here's the DE post about the rare! :D
Haha, i suddenly wanna draw my own version of a snow leopard wearing the rare now. o3o
And that was a interesting RIM post. I had no idea that murasaki was Japanese for purple. Ah, i guess you learn something new everyday. ^.^
On the other hand, here's the Mystery Of The Post!
We all know about the phantoms that rise from the fallen Zios statue . . . 
. . . And Mira's spirit that rises from the flames.
But what do they mean? How did the phantoms get into the pit? Why does Mira emerge from the flames?

Write a story, or share your ideas. I can't wait to read them all! ^-^
To finish it off, here's a random graphic i made. Feel free to use. :3

See you all later!


  1. That's a really nice graphic! ^.^
    And i wear samurai helmets on one of my animals too. :D Well, i used to but then i became nonmember. :( Nice post though!
    And the mystery..
    When zios was defeated, the phantoms destroyed the statue and invaded it. The pit leads to the phantom vortex, which jammers can only enter during The Night Of The Phantoms . .

  2. I like the graphic! iv'e done the phantom sleep thing, but never seen mira. i've heard you get rares if you do it long enough


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